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Looking for Crete-Flex screws or 410 stainless steel tapcons?

Elco Crete-Flex screws meet the same construction specifications as 410 stainless steel tapcons, but with numerous advantages.

What makes Crete-Flex ® Masonry Fastening System Better?

Buy Crete-Flex Screws

  • High corrosion resistant 410 stainless steel screws
  • Double heat-treating process
  • Silver-colored Stalgard coating process
  • Heavy-duty, v-notched thread
  • High resistance to embrittlement failure
  • Nail-point
  • Very useful in high corrosion areas exposed to the weather
  • Popular in applications that are subject to expansion and contraction of materials
  • Made in the USA!

How to select the proper fastener
To determine the proper length Crete-Flex anchor for an application combine the thickness of the attachment (A) with the desired depth of embedment in the masonry materials (B).

We recommend a minimum of 1" and a maximum of 2" embedment be used when determining fastener length.

Find out how Crete-Flex stops rust dead...

Hex Washer Head 5/16" Hex .425 Washer OD
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Hex Flange Head 5/16" Hex 5/8" Washer OD
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#14 Diameter #3 Drive Phillips Flat Head
Find #14 Diameter #3 Drive Phillips Flat Head Anchors here

System Bits for Crete-Flex Fasteners
Find System Bits for Crete-Flex Fasteners here

How to select Masonry Drill Bits

Crete-Flex drill bits, because of their special diameter (.234) should be used for optimum performance. Consistent performance and maximum pullout values can be assured only when genuine Crete-Flex drill bits are used.