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Dril-Flex Structural Self-Drilling Screws

Precision Engineered, Elco Dril-Flex Structural Fasteners
For Use in Structural Applications - Made in USA!

Did you know that Elco Dril-Flex and Hilti Kwik-Flex self-drilling screws are identical products, same manufacturer.

If you’re buying Hilti, you’re paying too much!

Dril-Flex High Performance Structural Screws are precision engineered to meet and exceed even the most critical applications. They are manufactured using a dual heat treating process which provide strength, ductility and outstanding resistance to embrittlement. Finishing with Stalgard® coating provides these self drilling dril-flex fasteners with salt spray resistance meeting ASTM B117 standards. If you are ready choose Hex Washer Head/Hex Drive Styles or Pan, Wafer, Undercut Flat/Phillips Drive Styles below


Still deciding what makes Dril-Flex the best self-drilling screw?

Buy USA Made Dril-Flex Screws

  • High resistance to hydrogen assisted failure as Grade 5 fastener
  • Dual hardened fastener with self-drilling point and self tapping thread
  • Ensures consistent, reliable drilling and tapping
  • Eliminates separate drilling & tapping operations
  • Silver-coated Stalgard corrosion resistant coating
  • Can be used in applications with dissimilar materials expansion and contraction of materials
  • Made in the USA!

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Why Dril-Flex is the safest choice for your project
Dril-Flex fasteners are specially designed and processed to prevent hydrogen-induced embrittlment failures.

Each fastener undergoes an unique dual-hardening process to ensure the optimal combination of ductability and hardness required for maximum performance in the field.

Finish: Silver-coated Stalgard corrosion resistant finish withstands a minimum of 800 hours salt spray per ASTM B116 standards.

Approvals: ICBO Evaluation Report No. 4780