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Don't Buy Another Tapcon Screw or Anchor...
Until You've Read This

FACT: UltraCon® is the original design for Tapcon®
FACT: UltraCon was sold under the Tapcon name for 26 years
FACT: UltraCon is now sold under its own brand name in part to distinguish its higher quality (details)

UltraCons meet the same construction specifications as Tapcons but with a cost savings of up to 30%.


Buy These UltraCons & Save

Flat Head Phillips UltraCon with Blue Stalgard Finish
Buy Flat Head Phillips UltraCon Screws
Hex Head Slotted UltraCon with Blue Stalgard Finish
Buy Hex Head Slotted UltraCon Screws
Flat Head Trim Fit UltraCon with White Stalgard Finish
Buy Trim Fit UltraCon Screws
Installation Tools and UltraCon Drill Bits
Buy UltraCon Installation Tools and Drill Bits
5/16" Masonry Tools
Buy 5/16" Diameter Masonry Installation Tools