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Grinding Wheels & Abrasives by UA, SAIT

Grinding Wheel Applications

  • Energy & Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipelines
  • Power
  • Automobiles & Components
  • Building/Construction & Engineering
  • Industrial Conglomerates
  • Machinery
  • Transportation & Infrastructure

United Abrasives / SAIT at Tanner

Tanner carries a full line of United Abrasives (UA) bonded abrasives: grinding wheels, cutting wheels and cup wheels, plus flap and fiber discs, sanding sheets and rolls, non-woven abrasives and wire brushes.

United Abrasives is one of the largest and leading manufacturers of abrasive products in the world for both bonded and coated, well known for quality and consistency. Industries across the world depend on UA in the most demanding environments such as oil & refinery, industrial manufacturing, commercial construction, pipeline construction.

Tanner customers know they can depend on United Abrasives' products because of UA's commitment to using premium materials followed by performing the toughest quality control in the industry.

Grinding Wheels

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Type 27 1/4” Grinding Type 27 1/8" Cutting/Notching Light Grinding Type 11 Cup Stones



A24N United Sait Grinding WheelA24N
Soft bond for fast stock removal the “softer” the wheel, the faster it will
remove metal
A24R Grinding Wheels for Cutting/Notching for Pipeline IndustryA24R Pipeline Industry
Designed to perform both cutting & light grinding
A16 Metal Cup Stone Grinding Wheels

General purpose, coarse grit wheel
for tough grinding applications

A24R Grinding WheelA24R
Our most popular wheel for general purpose grinding. Longer life for fewer wheel changes
Z24R Metal Grinding WheelsZ24R
High performance cutting & light
grinding for the tough applications
Z16 ZirconiumZ16 Zirconium
Outlasts standard
aluminum oxide cup wheels 2:1
A46N Aluminum Grinding WheelA46N Aluminum
Soft bond for aggressive removal of
material without loading
Stainless C16 Grinding WheelC16
Coarse grit for tough grinding
Z24R Zirconium Grinding WheelZ24R Zirconium
High performance grinding for
the toughest applications
Saitech Stainless Grinding Wheel for Pipeline IndustrySaitech™ Pipeline Industry
Very durable, self sharpening, long life
and cooler cut
Concrete & Metal
Stainless XA24Q Stainless Grinding WheelXA24Q
Contaminant Free. Free of iron,
chlorine and sulfur compounds
(Fe + Cl + S <0.1%)
CA16 Grinding Wheel for Concrete & MetalCA16
Excellent for cleaning castings,
mold marks, removing flashings
XA24Q Stainless Grinding WheelXA24Q
Contaminant Free. Specially formulated for nuclear and food processing plants
Saitech Attacker Stainless Grinding WheelSaitech™ Attacker
Fast stock removal on hard metals, uniform high-density grain structure is extremely durable for long life and cool cut.

C24N Concrete Grinding WHeelC24N Concrete
Soft bond for fast stock removal,
silicon carbide grain