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                                                                 BOLT & SHIELD ANCHORS

             SMART DI+ ANCHOR (DROP-IN) Internally Threaded Expansion Anchor
        ANCHORS                  steel, machine bolt anchor available in carbon  cavities of the anchor, indicating that the anchor has been properly set.
                                                                     The blue outer ring will be removed, leaving blue paint in the 4 recessed
                                 The Smart DI+ Anchor (Drop-In) is an all-
                                 steel. It can be used in solid concrete, hard
                                                                     This procedure is a clear indication for the installer and inspector of a
                                                                     properly set anchor, using the DI+ Tool.
                                 stone, and solid block base materials. The Smart
                   anchor indicator will
          prior to  When properly set,   DI+ Anchor (Drop-In) is specifically designed  • Installs with reduced effort compared to traditional drop in style anchors
          installation  leave blue paint in   to be easier to fully set during installation as a  • Can be installed using the Powers manual setting tool or Powers Smart
                   recessed cavity  benefit to the user. The Smart DI+ Anchor  DI+ System with a hammer-drill
            (Drop-In) has a unique patent pending crown design, which is painted blue.  • Setting indicator makes identifi cation of properly set anchors easy
            The contractor uses the approved SDS+ rotaryhammer with the DI+ Drill  (when installed using the DI+ Tool and DI+ Drill)
            and DI+ Tool, which allows the anchor to be set in 2-3 seconds.  • Internally threaded anchor for easy bolt removability and service work
                                                                       INSTALLATION-SMART DI+ SYSTEM
                                                                      1. Drill a hole into the base material to the
                                                                      depth of embedment required using the
                                                                      appropriate Powers DI+ Drill. The tolerances
                                                                      of the drill bit used must meet the requirements
                                                                      of ANSI Standard B212.15. Standard
                                                                      installation with a DI+ Drill may result in
                                                                      the anchor being slightly subset from the
                                                                      surface. Minimum published embedment
                                                                      depths must be achieved by using the
                                                                      shoulder of the DI+ Drill as a guide.
                                                                      2. Blow the hole clean of dust and other
                                                                      materials. Insert the anchor into the hole and,
                                                                      if necessary, tap flush with the surface.

                                                                      3. Slide the appropriate Powers DI+ Tool
                 Drill           Lock            Drive                over the DI+ Drill used to drill the hole and
                 Drill hole with the  Lock on Smart DI+  Drive the plug with the  twist counterclockwise to lock the setting
                 Smart DI+ drill bit  setting tool  same tool used to drill  tool onto the bit. If tool does not fit snug onto
                                                                      bit it may be necessary to replace the internal rubber spring
                                                                      plug in the tool (see ordering information). Replacement kit
                                                                      sold separately.
             Anchor (Rod) Size                                                                             Rod/Anchor  Diameter
                                1/4”   3/8”  1/2   5/8”   3/4”        4. Once attached, insert the tip of the setting tool into the
             Nominal Outside Diameter  (in.)  0.375            0.500  0.625  0.875  1.000  ™
                                                                      Smart DI+ Anchor (Drop-In) and drive the internal plug fully
             ANSI Drill Bit Size,  (in.)  3/8  1/2  5/8  7/8  1
                                                                      using the rotation with hammer mode of the SDS+ drill.
             Maximum Tightening
             Torque (ft.-lbs.)  5                    10  20  40  80
             Thread Size (UNC)  1/4-20  3/8-16  1/2-13  5/8-11  3/4-10  5. For proper installation, the shoulder of the setting tool
             Thread Depth (in.)  7/16  5/8   13/16  1-3/16  1-3/8     must come briefly in full contact with the Smart DI+ ™
             Anchor Length (Min. Embedment   1”  1-9/16”  2”  2-1/2”  3-3/16”  Anchor (Drop-In) resulting in the blue indicator paint being
                                                                      removed from the raised top of the anchor. The paint will
            SDS+ ROTARY HAMMER DRILL                                  remain in the recessed portion of the top indicating full
            Recommended Specs.                                        expansion.
            Diameter    Concrete Compressive         Rated Tool Impact Energy Suggested Range* (ft-lbs)
                                                                      6. If using a fixture, position it, insert the bolt and tighten
                     Strength (psi)
                                                                      so as not to exceed the maximum tightening torque. Most
                                           1.3 - 2.6
                                                                      overhead applications utilize threaded rod. Minimum thread
                                           2.0 - 3.5
                                           1.3 - 4.0
                                                                      engagement should be at least one anchor diameter.
                                           2.1 - 4.0
                                           2.0 - 4.0
                                           2.5 - 4.0
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