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                                                                      ROD HANGER SYSTEMS

             MINI-UNDERCUT+      ™   Internally Threaded Undercut Anchor
        ANCHORS  The Mini-Undercut+ anchor is an internally threaded, self-undercutting  The Mini-Undercut+ anchor is installed into a pre-drilled hole

            anchor designed for performance in cracked and uncracked con-
                                                                           with a power tool and a setting tool. The result is an anchor which
            crete. Suitable base materials include post-tension concrete (PT
                                                                           can provide consistent behavior at shallow embedments as low
            slabs), hollow-core precast concrete, normal-weight concrete,
            sand-lightweight concrete and concrete over steel deck.        as 3/4 of an inch. After installation a steel element
                                                                           is threaded into the anchor body.


            • Ideal for precast hollow-core plank and post-tensioned concrete slabs
            • Cracked concrete tested alternative to a mini dropin anchor
            • Redesigned ANSI carbide stop bit with enlarged shoulder for accurate depth
            • Anchor design allows for shallow embedment as low as 3/4 of an inch
            • Internally threaded anchor for easy adjustment and removability of
             threaded rod or bolt
            • Drill and drive the anchor with one tool for fast anchor installation

           Tension zones, seismic and wind loading applications
           Suspended Conduit                                         MINI-UNDERCUT+      ™
           Fire Sprinkler & pipe supports
                                                                     ITEM         ANCHOR                  ROD/ANCHOR        DRILL               OVERALL       BOX           CARTON
           Cable Trays and Strut                                     CODE         SIZE                           DIAMETER              DIAMETER      LENGTH         QTY.           QTY.
           Suspended Lighting                                        DEW PFM2111820            3/8" x 3/4"      3/8"                 5/8"             3/4"         100        600

                                                                     ACCU-BIT   ™
             Using SDS Plus System
                                                                     ITEM         MINI-UNDERCUT+                                     ROD/ANCHOR       DRILL               DRILL          STD.
                                                                     CODE         SIZE                                                                  DIAMETER              DIAMETER     DEPTH         QTY.
                                                                     DEW PPA2431720             5/8" x 3/4" Stop Drill Bit -        3/8"                 5/8"            3/4"       1
                                                                                  PT Anchor

                                                                     SDS+ SETTING TOOL
                                                                     ITEM         MINI-UNDERCUT+                                     ROD/ANCHOR                 STD.
           Using the required stop Remove dust   Attach the   Insert threaded rod  CODE  SIZE                                                                  DIAMETER                                             QTY.
           drill bit, drill a hole into and debris from hole required SDS   or bolt full depth into  DEW PFM2101720             3/8" SDS+ Setting Tool -          3/8"                                         1
           the base material to  using a   setting tool to   the Mini-Undercut+,  PT Anchor
           the required depth  hand pump,   the hammer-drill.  taking care
           using the shoulder of  compressed air   Mount the openend  not to exceed
           the drill bit as a guide. or a vacuum to re-  of the anchor onto  the maximum tight-
           The tolerances ofthe  move loose particles the setting tool. Drive ening torque of the
           drill bit used must  left   the anchor into the  steel insert element.  APPROVALS & LISTINGS
           meet the requirements from drilling.  hole until the shoul-
           of ANSI Standard            der of the anchor is          • International Code Council, Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), ESR-3912 for Concrete and Hollow-Core
                                                                      precast slabs, Code Compliant with the 2015, IBC, 2015 IRC, 2012 IBC, 2012 IRC, 2009 IBC, and 2009 IRC.
                                       flush with the base
                                                                     • Qualified according to ACI 355.2 (including ASTM E 488) for use in concrete
                                                                     • FM Approvals (Factory Mutual) – File No. J.I. 3059197

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