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                                                                              EXPANSION FOAMS

             POWERFOAM       ™
        ANCHORS  PowerFoam is a single component, moisture curing expanding polyurethane  variety of applications. Use it to fill, seal or insulate. It blocks drafts, stops

                                                                     leaks, saves energy, adheres to all types of construction material, deadens
            foam. The adhesive strength of PowerFoam allows it to be set on various
            types of building elements including concrete, brick, wood, metal, aluminum
            & steel. When installing the foam, consideration should be given to the 2-3  sound, acts as a buoyancy material once cured, controls radon,
                                                                     confines asbestos fibers, and can be used in HVAC applications.
            times expansion of the foam after it leaves the plastic tube. The surface of  PowerFoam also seals and keeps out insects and rodents.
            the foam initially dries within 1- 5 hours and           After installation, it is recommended that a full 24 hours
            becomes fully cured in 12-15 hours. The foam works best at room   elapse prior to scraping,  sanding staining or painting.
            temperature. It is dispensed through a straw-like plastic tube that is
            packaged with the can. The structure of the hardened foam provides        ™
            excellent insulation against heat and noise. The foam has a R-5   POWERFOAM
            equivalent value when used in place of traditional installation methods.  ITEM             CTN.
                                                                      CODE      DESCRIPTION                                                                                          QTY.
            PowerFoam is used in applications where it is not necessary to control   POW 08130N   PowerFoam 12 oz.   12
            the size of the bead or the rate of flow. PowerFoam can be used in a wide  POW 08132N   PowerFoam 29 oz.   12

             TRIGGERFOAM PRO       ™
             Foam Products
           • TriggerFoam Pro a professional grade, gun applied, polyurethane   • Window and Door Foam meets AAMA 812 requirements. Will not distort
             foam sealant                                             window and door frames.
           • TriggerFoam Pro is dispensed though a special gun that allows the user     • Voids should be filled approximately 30-60% to allow for the final
             to control the flow rate and diameter of the bead,  allowing precise   expansion of the foam.
             placement of the foam.                                  • Recommended curing time is
           • Excellent Fire and Smoke ratings.                        24 hours prior to scraping
           • B2 Rated, self extinguishing foams.                      or painting.
           • 29 oz . contents versus competition with 20-24 oz.
           • Fire Block, Window and Door, All Season all meet E814 Type V Residential
             Fire Blocking requirements and are colored orange.

             TRIGGERFOAM PRO       ™                                  APPROVALS & LISTINGS
                                                                     International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), ESR-3263 for Thermal
                                                                     and Moisture Protection and annular space protection for wood fire blocking.
                                      TriggerFoam Pro  Hilti
           FireBlock is designed to effectively                       • Code compliant with the 2009 IBC, 2009 IRC, 2006 IBC, 2006 IRC.
                                      Pro Fire Block  CF-810         Underwriters Laboratory (UL Listing) – File No. R16754, Caulkings and Sealants
           block the spread of smoke and  29 oz.    23 oz.            • Tested in accordance with UL 723 “Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building
           flame in Type V residential con-  Orange  Orange            Materials” and ASTM E814M
           struction. It is more cost effective  Gun Applied  Gun Applied   • Applied to Inorganic Reinforced Cement Board tested as applied in two 3/4"
           than fiberglass and caulks used for  Flame: 5  Flame: 0     diameter beads, 5" OC covering 12.5 percent of the exposed test area:
                                                                       Flame spread 5
                                      Smoke: 10     Smoke: 10
           this purpose. NOT A FIRESTOP.                               Smoke developed 10
                                      Type V Res. Fire Block Type V Res. Fire Block
                                                                     Tested in accordance with ASTM E 90 (Sound Transmission Classification 60),
                                      Meets E814
        128ANCHORS                                                                                   12
                                                                       ASTM C 518 and ASTM C 423
                                                    12 mo. Shelf life
                                      18 mo. Shelf life
                                                                                                      CTN. QTY.
                                                                      ITEM CODE
                                                                                TriggerFoam Pro Fireblock 29 oz
                                                                      POW 08133P
           800 456-2658         email:
                                   714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                    60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                     800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232    929 337-1821
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