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                                                                          SECURITY PRODUCTS

           SECURE WEDGE-BOLT ANCHORS       Torx Tamper-Resistant Drive
        SECURITY  The Secure Wedge-Bolt is a universal high-strength carbon steel anchor
             Security Anchoring Systems for Concrete & Masonry Applications
             designed for most applications and can be used in a variety of tough base
             materials such as concrete, block, brick or stone. It is a versatile, high
                  performance anchor that is vibration resistant and removable with
                       proper tooling. Available in a button head which includes
                          serrations under the head, and a Torx Tamper-Resistant
                             drive, it is a high security mechanical masonry
                                anchor with the added benefit of higher load
                                                                                             Shallow embedment depth
                                    capacities and ease of installation.                     The Secure Wedge-Bolt®  anchor can
                                                                                             be installed at shallower embedment
                                                                                             depths than traditional wedge or
                                                                                             sleeve anchors reducing the chance of
                                                                                             striking reinforcing bars or embedded
                                                                      Tight Fit matches      cables. Drilling time and bit wear
                                                                      standard fixture holes  can bereduced resulting in significant
                                                                      The Blue Tip Secure Wedge-Bolt®  savings.
                                                                      anchor is designed to match
                                                                      standard fixture clearance holes  Installation
                                                                      that are 1/16” over nominal to  Using the proper diameter
                                                                      provide a secure fit. Since the   ™
                                                                      SecureWedge-Bolt is specially  Wedge-Bit , drill a hole  into
                                                                      matched to the clearance hole, the  the base material to a depth
                                                                      need for layout or hole spotting is  of at least 1/2” or one anchor
                                                                      eliminated.             diameter deeper than the
                 Concrete, Block, Brick                                                       minimum embedment
                 The Secure Wedge-Bolt®                                                       required. Be sure to use a
                 anchor is versatile and can be
                 used in a variety of base                                                    Wedge-Bit. Blow the hole
                 materials. This reduces the  One-piece design                                clean of dust and other
                 need to stock assorted anchor  Secure Wedge-Bolt®anchor is                   material.  Insert anchor
                 types and learn a variety of   a one-piece unit which features               through the fixture into the
                 installation procedures.    a finished button head formed                    anchor hole.
                                             with an integral washer, a  Immediate high
                                             patented dual lead thread,                       Begin tightening the anchor
                                                                      strength loading
                                             and a chamfered tip. A one-  The Secure Wedge-Bolt® anchor  by applying forward
                                             piece design eliminates the   can be loaded immediately. Unlike  pressure when engaging the first few
                                             possibility of lost anchor parts  some adhesive anchors, there is no
                                             or improper assembly.                            threads. Continue tightening the anchor
                                                                      lengthy curing time. This allows for  until the head is firmly seated against the
                                                                      immediate completion of fastening
                                                                      applications.           fixture. In extremely dense materials, use of
                                                                                              an impact wrench is recommended.
                                                                                              Be sure the anchor is at the required
                 Close to edge installs
                 The Secure Wedge-Bolt®anchor                                                 embedment depth and that the maximum
                 cuts a thread into the base                                                  torque has not been exceeded.
                 material. Since there are no                                                 The installation is now complete.
                 expansion forces, the Secure
                 Wedge-Bolt®anchor can be   Removable & reusable
                 installed closer to the edge   The Secure Wedge-Bolt®anchor is               Note: For proper performance, the Secure
                 than traditional mechanical   easy to remove, leaving a neat                 Wedge-Bolt anchors must be installed with
                 anchors without damaging the  clean hole.  Unlike traditional                a Wedge-Bit .  Ithas a special matched
                 base material.             anchors no grinding off of                        tolerance range designed to provide optimum
                                            anchors is needed and no anchor                   performance for the anchor.
                                            components are left in the hole.
                                            If required it can be reinstalled in
                                            the same hole after adjustment
                                            of the fixture.
           800 456-2658         email:
                                   714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                    60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                     800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232  929 337-1821
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