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                                                                          SECURITY PRODUCTS

           SECURITY SEALANT SOLUTIONS                                PECORA DYNAFLEX       ™
        SECURITY  Why Use Security Sealants?                         Product Description:
                                                                     Flexible Polyurethane Tamper-Resistant Security Sealant
           Protect building inhabitants, including children,
           patients and residents - as well as the building -
                                                                     Pecora Dynaflex is a rugged but flexible sealant
           with safe and reliable Pecora security sealants.
           Security sealants contain the properties to prevent       ideally suited for use in institutional and correctional
                                                                     complex security installations but performs equally
           idle tampering and vandalism that can endanger            well in other public buildings and facilities where
           children, patients and citizens. In addition to safety,   ordinary sealants are easily damaged or torn out by
           the use of security sealants present many benefits        idle tampering and acts of vandalism.  It is a unique
           from an economic perspective:                             two-part, non-sag elastomeric polyurethane joint sealant with many of the
                   • Decreased risk of lawsuits                      strengths of an epoxy  but with the flexibility and ease-of-application properties
                   • Decreased maintenance costs                     of a urethane.  To achieve tamper resistant qualities, Pecora Dynaflex has tensile
                   • Increased service periods of sealants           and tear strengths double that of a typical architectural sealant, and ultimate
                   • Decreased replacement costs                     Shore A hardness of 55 while still withstanding 25% total joint movement.
                                                                     Basic Uses:
           Tamper Resistant and Tamper Proof Joint Sealants          • All interior joints and perimeters of fixtures, penetration, vents, doors,
                                                                      windows and similar openings where flexible security sealant is required.
           Most caulking and construction materials are easily tampered with or
                                                                     • Interior window glazing
           “pickable”.  Pickable meaning, the ability of the material to be interfered
                                                                     • Heavy pedestrian traffic expansion and control joints for security and
           with to the point of removal, for uses other than what they were intended.
                                                                      non-security areas.
           Typical flexible sealants which are usually based on urethane or silicone
           chemistries can be pulled away to expose a joint.         Dynaflex is offered in a wide range of colors to eliminate the need
           Security sealants, often referred to as "tamper-proof" or  “tamper-  for painting (see next page).
           resistant”, differ from ordinary sealants in hardness and tensile strength  However, it can be painted if so specified. A high-quality latex is the best
           making it more difficult to cut, dig into or pull out of a joint.    choice, but good oil-based paints are acceptable. Care should be taken when
                                                                     using the hard drying epoxy paints. These paints do not have the flexibility
           Because no movement capability is sometimes unacceptable, but tamper
                                                                     of the sealant and may crack in active joints when the sealant expands and
           “resistance” is still a requirement, a new class of sealants was needed.
                                                                     contracts to a degree greater than the movement capability of the paint.
           To fill the gap Pecora has formulated materials which can be classified as
                                                                     Also epoxy paints should be completely dry or cured before Dynaflex is ap-
           tamper- resistant as opposed to tamper proof.
                                                                     plied against them or an area of incompatibility will result.
           DynaFlex and DynaFlexSC can be classified as having limited movement
           capability and can be used in properly designed joints performing as both  Maintenance:
           a moving joint and providing an acceptable level of tamper resistance.   If the sealant is damaged and the bond is intact, cut out the damaged area
           DynaPoxy EP-1200 is used in high security areas where a harder material  and prime with P-75 or P-150 primer and recaulk.
           is required and flexibility is less important.
                                                                     Typical Physical Properties (77°F, 50% RH)
                                                                      TEST  PROPERTY        VALUE                    TEST PROCEDURE
                                                                     Adhesion to Concrete (pli)  25   ASTM C794
                                                                     Elongation (%)         175-200   ASTM D412
                                                                     Full Adhesion (days)   7         Pecora Corporation
                                                                     Full Cure(days)        7         Pecora Corporation
                                                                     Hardness, Shore A   (2 days)  40-45  ASTM C661
                                                                               (Utimate*)   55+/-5    ASTM C661
                                                                     Tack Free Time (hrs)   10        ASTM C679  • *Hardness may fluctuate
                                                                     Tear Strength (ppi)    60        ASTM D624   from this value due to
                                                                     Tensile Strength (psi)  300-350  ASTM D412   variations in humidity
                                                                     VOC Content: Activator (g/L)  <25  ASTM D3960  and temperature at time
                                                                            Base (g/L)      <100      ASTM D3960  of application
                               Scan this QR Code                      ITEM                                  BOX
                              with your mobile device                 CODE        DESCRIPTION               QTY.
                              for a sealant calculator                PEC DYNAFLEX 1.5          Regular 1.5 gal.  1
                                                                      PEC P-150   P-150 Primer 30 oz. metal can porous/non porous 1
                                                                      PEC P-75    1 quart primer for use on porous substrates  1
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                                   714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
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