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                                                                          SECURITY PRODUCTS

        SECURITY  Dynaflex ™ ™                                                          Dynaflex SC



            Dynapoxy EP-1200

             Brite White                CF26   Tan Tan                     545          Tru-White            345
              Brite White
                                                                                        Limestone            039
             Tru-White                   345   Buff Buff                   512
                                                                                         Custom colors available upon request.

             Off-White                   516    Colonial Tan              CF13           Minimum order 5 Color-Packs per color
                                                 Colonial Tan

                                                                                     MANUAL & CORDLESS BULK GUNS
             Dover Sky                  CF14      Mocha Cream             CF34
              Dover Sky
                                                 Mocha Cream
                                                                                      ALB DL-45-T17            For  Dynaflex &
             Brushed Pewter             CF42   Toasted Almond             CF54
                                                 Toasted Almond
              Brushed Pewter

                                                                                      Special Deluxe             EP-1200
                                                 Natural Stone
              Anodized Aluminum
             Anodized Aluminum           804   Natural Stone               565        w/Orange Cone Nozzles
                                                                                      • Construction sealants for expansion and

             Aluminum Stone              515   Desert Tan                  530
              Aluminum Stone
                                                 Desert Tan

                                                                                       control  joints, sealing perimeter joints around
                                                                                       windows, doors and other applications
              London Fog
             London Fog                 CF44   Adobe Accent               CF10
                                                 Adobe Accent

                                                                                      • Injection   of epoxies and
                                                                                                          Thrust:     375lbf

             Stone Grey                 CF53   Redwood Tan                CF43         urethane grouts through  Pressure:       120 psi
                                                 Redwood Tan
              Stone Grey

                                                                                       surface mounted or   Drive:  Manual
             Dark Grey                   048   Brick Red                  CF16                            Capacity:  20 oz
              Dark Grey
                                                 Brick Red
                                                                                       predrilled ports grouting   Barrel Type:  Steel
                                                                                       and pointing of brick and  Barrel Diameter: 2"
             Limestone                   039   Tile Red                   CF22                            Nozzle Type:  Orange Cones
                                                 Tile Red

             Putty Grey                 CF20   Red Rock                    955
                                                 Red Rock
              Putty Grey

                                                                                      ALB DL-45-T14E
             Pearl Ash                  CF11   River Rouge                CF37        Cordless w/Orange Cone Nozzles
                                                 River Rouge
              Pearl Ash

                                                                                     • Speed - 30 seconds to   Thrust:  950lbf
             Van Dyke                    CF18       Sierra Tan            CF47                            Pressure:  300 psi
                                               Sierra Tan
              Van Dyke

                                                                                       dispense entire load at   Drive:  Cordless

             Natural White                     Rose Rose                  CF05         full speed         Capacity:  20 oz
              Natural White
                                                                                                          Barrel Type:  Steel
                                                                                     • Power - 3 times the thrust
                                                                                                          Barrel Diameter: 2"
             Sandstone                   951   Texas Pink                 CF48         of standard manual drive
                                                 Texas Pink

                                                                                                          Nozzle Type:  Orange Cones

                                                                                     • Flow control - instant drive disengagement
             Desert Sun                 CF41    Smoky Brown               CF45
              Desert Sun
                                                 Smoky Brown

                                                                                     • Ergonomic design - reduces wrist strain

             Eggshell Cream             CF04    Bronze                     314       • Dispensing control - adjustable trigger speed
              Eggshell Cream
                                                                                     • Duration - 50+ loads on one charge

             Manor White                CF08      Charcoal Gray            950
              Manor White
                                                 Charcoal Gray

                                                                                     •Includes:18V Lithium-Ion battery & 30 min. charger

             Precast                     113   Chocolate                  CF49       MANUAL CARTRIDGE GUN
                                                                                      ALB B12 & ALB B26
              Amarillo White
             Amarillo White             CF02   Classic Bronze              046                             For  Dynaflex SC
                                                 Classic Bronze
                                                                                      Manual Cartridge Gun
                                                                                      w/12:1 or 26:1 Drive
             Almond                      792   Granite Grey               CF30
                                                 Granite Grey

             Beige                       595   Black Black                 012       • Smooth rod cartridge gun   Thrust:  375lbf---900lbf
                                                                                     • Full sized handle for   Pressure:  120psi---300psi
                                                 Patriot Blue             CF01
              Prairie Clay
             Praire Clay                CF07   Patriot Blue                            comfortable, efficient   Drive:  Manual
                                                                                       dispensing         Capacity:  1/10 Gallon
              Sandalwood Beige
             Sandalwood Beige           CF09   Evergreen                  CF03                            Barrel Type:  Metal Half-Barrel
                                                                                     • Half-cradle carriage to   Line:  B-Line
                                                       Custom colors available upon request.   securely hold standard sized sealant cartridges
             Beige Grey                  525
              Beige Grey
                                                       Minimum order 5 Color-Packs per color  • Built-in cartridge puncture wire
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