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             STANLEY Commercial Hardware’s all-inclusive portfolio of mechanical and  STANLEY Commercial Hardware is a leading choice for access control
             electronic locks, standard and narrow stile exit devices and closers creates  among industry professionals. Engineered from the best materials for
             complete security solutions in a variety of applications. With superior   premium form and function, our products set the standard for one of
             design, uncompromised materials, and one of the industry’s best lead times,  America’s favorite hardware brands.

             STANLEY locks are engineered for long-lasting performance.  - cylindrical,  Stanley locksets offer high security solutions featuring the latest in
             tubular, deadbolt, interconnected, mortise, and electronic - are BHMA-ANSI  architecturally inspired design for a sleek look that's as beautiful as it is
             Grade 1 tested, and easily exceed industry standards for strength, durability,  functional. And all Stanley keyed function locks come standard with our
             and tamper-resistance.  Available in a variety of styles and finishes, with   unique high security clutch feature, meaning your locks are secure even if
             interchangeable cores and options for electrifed functions, both electronic  the lock is tampered with - force on the outside won't engage the latch -
             and mechanical locks are easy to customize and configure in the field.  so your property stays secured.

              QMS 100 Series - Grade 1                                  QCL 100 Series - Grade 1
              Heavy-Duty Mortise Locks                                  Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Locks

              QME 100 Series - Grade 1                                  QCL 200 Series - Grade 2
              Heavy-Duty Mortise Locks - Escutcheon                     Standard-Duty Cylindrical Locks

             Performance Features                                      Performance Features
             • Tested to meet Grade 1 specification of 1,000,000 cycles.  • QCL 100 Series is tested to exceed 1,000,000 cycles, exceeding the 800,000
             • Clutching mechanism standard.                            required to meet Grade 1 certification.
             • Thru-bolt design and heavy-duty spring tension provides longer   • QCL 200 Series is tested to significantly exceed 400,000 cycles required to
              performance life and prevents lever sag.                  meet Grade 2 certification
             • ADA-compliant thumbturn.                                • Standard clutching mechanism provides resistance to damage caused by
             • Mortise case is easily field reversible.                 physical force.
             • Pre-assembled trims with spring-loaded spindles automatically adjust to   • Thru-bolted design and heavy-duty spring tension provides longer
              door thickness and reduce installation time.              performance life and prevents lever sag
             • Partial security separator prevents spindle manipulation.  • Concealed mounting screws
             • Anti-friction throwbolt.                                • Compartmentalized packaging allows for quick and easy installation.

              QCI 200 Series - Grade 2                                  QTL 200 Series - Grade 2
              Standard-Duty Interconnected Locks                        Standard-Duty Tubular Locks

             Performance Features                                      Performance Features
             • Tested to exceed 400,000 cycles for                     • Tested to exceed the 400,000 cycles required to meet Grade 2 certification.
              Grade 2 certification        Exterior                    • Heavy-duty torsion springs for longer performance and prevents lever sag.
             • Single motion egress provides                           • Concealed mounting screws.
              easy emergency exit                                      • "Anti-Lockout" feature. The entry function will have a free interior. If the
             • Full 1" (25mm) throwbolt with saw resistant              door is locked from the inside, it will unlock with the push of the interior
              hardened steel roller pin                                 side of the lever only or the turn of the button.
             • Anti-drill design deadbolt two  ball bearings inserted to prevent drill attacks  • ½" latch bolt made of stainless steel black powder metallurgy for
             • ADA thumbturn                                            enhanced durability and strength.
                                                                       • Compartmentalized packaging allows for quick and easy installation.
                                                email:        800 456-2658
                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                                 60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                 800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232  929 337-1821
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