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             EXITS & TRIMS

             With uncompromised materials and craftsmanship, our exit devices   All Stanley exit devices are manufactured to heavy duty, architectural grade
             offer premium aesthetics and functionality. Performing well above ANSI  expectations. In addition, all exit devices are offered in rim, rim fire, surface
             Grade 1 certification requirements, STANLEY Commercial Hardware exit  vertical rod, surface vertical rod fire and surface vertical-less bottom rod
             devices provide security you can rely on. Our exit devices - like all of   configurations. A variety of optional trims and accessories are also available,
             our products - are packaged to reduce installation time and are easily  and Stanley exit devices are designed to coordinate with Stanley locksets
             customizable on-site.                                     and closers for a professional look.

              QED 100 Series - Grade 1                                  QED 300 Series - Grade 1
              Heavy-Duty Exit Devices                                   Standard-Duty Exit Devices

             The heavy duty QED100 and QRT100 series                   The standard duty QED300,
             exit devices are designed for institutional,              QET300 and QRT300 series
             commercial uses such as educational, health               exit devices are designed for
             care and industrial facilities where a long-lasting,      multi-family, tenant improvement uses such as apartment complexes,
             highly durable product is required. These exit devices will deliver the   retail/store front, small office buildings and hotels/motels where a stylish,
             operational requirements set forth while withstanding the physical abuse  yet durable product is required.
             associated with the applied environment.

              QET 100 Series - Grade 1                                  QET 300 Series - Grade 1
              Heavy-Duty Exit Trims                                     Standard-Duty Exit Escutcheon Trims

                            Escutcheon Trims Sierra (E)                             Escutcheon Trims Pinnacle (PNN)

                                     Escutcheon Trims Summit (M)                            Escutcheon Trims Pearce (PEA)

                                                                        QRT 300 Series - Grade 1
                                                                        Standard-Duty Exit Rose Trims

             Performance Features
             • 100 Series: tested and certified to significantly exceed 1,000,000 cycles - well above
              the requirements for Grade 1 certification.
             • Dampening device insures smooth, quiet operation.                    Round Rose Trims Pinnacle (PNN)
             • 300 Series: tested to significantly exceed the 500,000 cycles required or Grade 1 certification.
             • Field sizeable. 36” device adjustable to 32"
             • Thru-bolted trim design for increased security and durability.
             • Wide variety of trim options to fit any job.
             • Consistent styling allows for suiting with other Stanley Commercial          Round Rose Trims Pearce (PEA)
              Hardware products.

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