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                                                                                   FALL PROTECTION

            SEALED-BLOK    ™              ™
            Self-Retracting Lifelines RSQ - Retrieval
        SAFETY  RSQ Dual Mode Rescue Operation with Galvanized Cable,         Fall Arrest Mode (Assisted Rescue)
                                                                              A speed sensing brake stops the fall,  reduces forces imposed on the user
                                                                              to safe levels of 6kN or less and allows for assisted rescue to take place.
            Steel Snap Hook, 3-way retrieval winch, Saflok anchorage
            carabiner, 4 ft. (1.2m) cable tie-off adaptor.                     Automatic Rescue Mode (Self Rescue/Descent)
                                                                               A speed sensing brake stops the fall just like in fall arrest mode, then
                                                                               instantly a centrifugal brake activates lowering the user at a controlled
            • CAP 3400940     • CAP 3400910    • CAP 3401002                   speed to the next level or ground.
            Sealed-Blok ™     Sealed-Blok       130 ft. (39.6m)              Fall Arrest Mode  Fall Arrest Mode  Automatic Rescue
            50 ft. (15.2m)    85 ft. (25.9m)    310 lb. (140.9 kg)              Assisted         Assisted         Mode
             310 lb. (140.9 kg)   310 lb. (140.9 kg)   Weight Capacity          Rescue           by Hand        Self Rescue/
             Weight Capacity  Weight Capacity                                   by Pole
             • Environmentally sealed dynamic components
             • Extremely durable construction
             • Fast-Line lifeline system
             • Anti-ratcheting locking system
             • Built-in carrying handle                    • CAP 3500102
             • Swiveling snap hook with impact indicator    First-Man-Up ™
              • Large pivoting anchorage loop              Pole with Assisted
              • Reserve lifeline system        ™             Rescue Tool
              • Ergonomic cable handle equipped with i-Safe

             SELF-RESCUE 50

              • CAP 3320030
               50 ft. (15.2m) detachable self rescue system,
               self contained nylon pack with molded padding.

                yourself.                                                         • Universal harness attachment

                                                                                  • EZ-Link™ D-ring for fast connections
             When you’re suspended after a fall,
                                                                                  • 50 ft. of 5.5 mm rope
             every second matters.
                                                                                  • Assisted-rescue ring for incapacitated
             When the clock starts ticking, you need a rescue plan you can count on to  user
             rescue you quickly and efficiently: the DBI-SALA Self-Rescue unit is your  • Sealed descent device and rope
             rescue plan, a flexible device that attaches to your current safety harness  spool extends longevity
             and allows you to lower yourself to safety in the event of a fall from  • Molded padding provides durability
             height. This simple, fast and effective rescue plan minimizes risk for you,  and comfort
             your coworkers and emergency response personnel. With DBI-SALA Self-  • Lightweight, low profile design
             Rescue, you can work at height without worrying about being left sus-  • Equipped with i-Safe ™
             pended after an arrested fall event. Instead of wondering how long it will  • Optional rescue pole available
             take to alert others to your fall, or how long before trained rescuers can  (model 8900299)
             gather the appropriate equipment to get you down, you can simply avoid  • Other lengths available up to
             all that and free yourself.                                           100 ft. (30.5 m) -  CAP 3320031

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