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           FALL PROTECTION forTOOLS                                         ™

                                                                      immediately removed from service.
              Dropped objects:
              The 3rd highest cause of death in the workplace.       • Never modify a tool from the manufacturer’s specification.
              Fall protection for humans is vital to individual safety. Fall protection is about you.
                                                                     Inspect Before Use
              Drop prevention is about everybody else.               Visual inspection is vital to safely using safety solutions. Inspect the entire surface of
                                                                     the product by starting on one side and working your way to the opposite, carefully
                        Fall protection has been regulated for decades. We know how to prevent people from  rotating the product as you visually inspect for damage or wear that might affect
                               falling. What about the tools? Dropped objects can result in huge property damages,   the usefulness and dependability of the lanyard, adaptor or the tool.
                          lost tools or, worse yet, injury or death. Protect the people around you.
                                                                     After Use
              Notice                                                 After use, clean the equipment of dirt, corrosives, or contaminants and store in a
              • All procedures shown in this section  are for3M DBI-SALA products only.  clean and dry environment, free from fumes or corrosive elements. Taking care of
               • All lanyard adaptors should be connected to a 3M DBI-SALA extension or lanyard.  your safety equipment will ensure it works effectively and will extend its service life.
               • Ensure operators have read and understood product information and warning labels
                for all lanyards and adaptors.                        In Case of a Dropped Tool
               • Ensure all equipment and tools are regularly maintained and checked before each   • The tool and its lanyard should be inspected for damage & for correct functioning.
                use for defects and deterioration.                    • Any defective tool or lanyard should be immediately taken out of service.
               • Ensure damaged, worn, or defective equipment, tools, lanyards, and adaptors are
             What is safe to put on a person?                         point that is load rated for 2lbs, the load rating of the lesser of the two
             3M DBI-SALA recommends never to attach any individual tool weighing   components should never be exceeded. In this example, a tool weighing
             over 5lbs (2.3kg) to a person working at height. While some 3M DBI-SALA ®  less than 2lbs should be used.
             tool lanyards are capable of handling more than 5lbs, loads greater than
                                                                      Likewise, if an attachment point has a higher load rating than a tool
             this increase the risk of pulling a person over a ledge if a drop occurs.
                                                                      lanyard, be sure that the load rating of the tool lanyard is not exceeded.
             When working with tools that weigh more than 5lbs, the tool should be  ™  ®
                                                                      3M DBI-SALA Attachment Points and Tool Lanyards
             secured to a fixed structure that is safe to tether from. It is also critical that
                                                                      should be used together
             an appropriate tether is used that is capable of handling the load of the
                                                                      Never use an off-brand tool lanyard with a3M DBI-SALA attachment point.
             attached tool. Furthermore, if using a 3M DBI-SALA Attachment Point,
                                                                      3M DBI-SALA attachment points have been designed and tested for use
             the Attachment Point must be load rated to handle the attached tool.
                                                                      with Python Safety tool lanyards.
             Never exceed the load rating of a Tether or Attachment Point  Never use as fall protection for humans
             When using a 3M DBI-SALA Tether and/or Attachment Point, it is critical to  ™  ®
                                                                      3M DBI-SALA does not design fall protection for humans. Our products
             never exceed the load rating of any individual component.
                                                                      are exclusively for tool use. Never use any 3M DBI-SALA equipment as fall
             In other words, if using a tether that is load rated for 5lbs, and an attachment  protection for humans.
                  The Trigger To Trigger is used in combination with D-Rings & Quick Rings. Available in varying lengths, and are  third-party load-rated for 10 lbs.
                  Hook2Loop Lanyards are a versatile extension that can be used with virtually anything under 10 lbs: spud wrenches, scaffold wrenches,
                  adjustable wrenches, etc.
               Trigger To Trigger Lanyard 0.5” x 12”  Trigger To Trigger Lanyard  0.5” x 24”    Trigger To Trigger Lanyard  0.5” x 36”
               • CAP 1500053                         • CAP 1500055                              • CAP 1500057
               • CAP 1500054                         • CAP 1500056                              • CAP 1500058
              Hook2Loop Lanyard                   Hook2Loop Lanyard                      Hook2Rail Lanyard
              Medium Duty                         Heavy Duty                             Heavy Duty
              • CAP 1500050                       • CAP 1500051                          • CAP 1500052
              Load Rating    35 lbs               Load Rating    80 lbs                  Load Rating    80 lbs
              Relaxed Length  72"                 Relaxed Length  72"                    Relaxed Length  72"
              Webbing        Heavy-duty 1"        Carabiner      Aluminum double-action   Carabiner     Aluminum double-action
                             tubular webbing                     twist-lock hook                        twist-lock hook
              Carabiner      Aluminum double-action   Carabiner Load Rating  30 Kn       Carabiner Load Rating  30 Kn
                             lock hook            Stitching      Heavy-duty nylon twist   Stitching     Heavy-duty
              Carabiner Load Rating  17 Kn                       multifilament bonded thread            tubular nylon webbing
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