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            FALL PROTECTION forTOOLS                                        ™

               ATTACHMENT POINTS                                          D RINGS

              D-Ring Attachment Points are used together with Quick Wrap Tape to create  Standard
              attachment points for a huge collection of tools. D-Rings come in a wide   • CAP 1500003    (10PK)
              variety of sizes, and are each third-party load-rated.   • CAP 1500004    (100PK)
                                                                       Length     2.25 in         With Cord Loop
                                                                       Width                         0.5 in.  • CAP 1500009    (10PK)
                                                                       Load Rating  2 lbs (0.9 kg)  Load Rating  5 lbs (2.27 kg)

                                                                       • CAP 1500007    (10PK)
                                                                       • CAP 1500008    (50PK)
              When to use D-Rings and Quick Wrap Tape                  Length     3.5 in
              • For tools weighing up to 5lbs (2.3kg) or 2lbs (0.9kg) depending on D-Ring.  Width                        1 in.
                                                                       Load Rating  5 lbs (2.7 kg)
              • When a non-conductive attachment point is needed for tools up to 2lbs (0.9kg).
              • When Quick Rings, Quick Spins, and D-Ring Cord Attachments won’t work.
               Many tools do not have pre-drilled holes for Quick Rings, and lack handles
               that a Quick Spin will fit.                             Non-Conductive             Micro With Adhesive
              When NOT to use D-Rings and Quick Wrap Tape              • CAP 1500005    (10PK)    • CAP 1500010    (10PK)
              • When a tool is over 5lbs (2.3kg) or 2lbs (0.9kg) depending on the D-Ring.  • CAP 1500006    (100PK)  Designed to be used on
                                                                       Length     2.25 in
              • When a D-Ring will interfere with the safe working condition of the tool.         small electronics
                                                                       Width                        0.5 in.
              How to use D-Rings and Quick Wrap Tape                   Load Rating  2 lbs (0.9 kg)  • adheres to
              Step 1 Cut a strip of 3M DBI-SALA Quick Wrap approximately 12 to 24                  most surfaces
              inches long depending on the size of the handle. Peel plastic coating away          • attach to curved surfaces.
                                                                       Dual D-Ring Small
              from wrap. Tape should wrap 10-12 times around the tool.
                                                                       • CAP 1500001    (10PK)
              Step 2 Place a D-Ring attachment so that the ring of the D-Ring is facing  • CAP 1500002    (100PK)
              away from the center of gravity of the                   Length     2.25 in
                                                                       Width                        0.5 in.
              tool. Ensure that when installed, the
                                                                       Load Rating  2 lbs (0.9 kg)
              D-Ring will not interfere with the safe
              working condition of the tool. Make sure
              the tool is free of debris which would                      QUICK WRAP TAPE
              interfere with the bonding of the Python
                                                                       Made from a self-fusing silicone rubber, Quick Wrap Tapes creates
              Quick Wrap.When placing the D-Ring,
                                                                       instant attachment points for nearly any tool in a matter of seconds.
              ensure the tab of the D-Ring is facing up.
                                                                       • Conforms to the shape of whatever it is applied to,  even the most
              NOTE: Never use the D-Ring with Python Quick
                                                                         irregular shaped tools.
              Wrap on the tapered portion of a tool.
                                                                       • Has a temperature range of -65°F to 500°F (-54°C to 260°C)
              Step 3Wrap the tape around the tool
              while stretching the tape. It is critical to
              stretch the tape while wrapping, as this
                                                                       • CAP 1500035     1" W x 108” L
              activates the tape and causes it to self-                • CAP 1500036    (10PK)
              vulcanize creating a secure connection.                  • CAP 1500037    (CASE)  240 Roll Case
                                                                       • CAP 1500038     2X Length -1” W x 216”L
              Step 4 Once the connection is complete,
                                                                       • CAP 1500039    (10PK)
              test the connection to ensure proper
                                                                       • CAP 1500040    (CASE)  120 Roll Case
              installation has taken place.
              NOTE: Remember to always inspect connection
                                                                       • CAP 1500044     1" W x 108” L
              prior to each use for damage or irregularitiesthat       • CAP 1500045    (10PK)
              might affect the connection. Apply approximately 5lbs of force when inspecting.  • CAP 1500046    (CASE)  240 Roll Case
              Important: Quick Wrap Tape is designed to be used with 3M DBI-SALA Safety D-
              Rings and 3M DBI-SALA Tool Cinch Attachments. Never connect a 3M DBI-SALA ®
              attachment point to a tool that exceeds the load rating.
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