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              PROSD150 Steel-Decking System
              Self-Drilling X Metal Screws

              Common Applications:              Innovative Precision                   PROSD150 System
              • Steel decking to structural steel members  Placement nosepiece         • PROSD150 Steel-Decking Attachment
              • Innovative Precision Placement nosepiece.  allows for easy location
                                                                                       (also sold separately)
              • Auto-feed mechanism provides hands-free
                                                                                       • Extension
               screw advancement, eliminating handling
                                                                                       • Screwdriver motor
               of individual screws, cuts installation time in half.
                                                                                       • Screw quiver
                                                                                       • Rugged toolbox
               Limited lifetime warranty on attachment and extension,1- year limited warranty on screw-driver motors

              Steel Deck Diaphragm Calculator
               The Steel Deck Diaphragm Calculator provides diaphragm shear strengths of a steel deck when using Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive®
               screws. The Diaphragm Capacity Tables calculator can be used to develop a table of diaphragm capacities based on the effects of com-
               bined shear and tension, or the Optimized Solutions can be used to provide optimized fastening solutions for a given shear and uplift.
                     Program Features:
                     • Requires minimal input to generate tables
                     • Tables can be created for any Simpson support or side-lap fastener combination
                     • Create a custom table with any support fastener pattern
                     • Accounts for wind uplift demand
                     • Produce custom tables for floor decks with any typical fill type
                     • Generate tables in Nominal, ASD Wind, LRFD Wind, or LRFD EQ or ASD EQ

              PRO300S Decking System

              Common Applications:               Non-skid teeth are reversible and replaceable  PRO300S System
              • Use for decking on decks and docks, subfloor to wood or steel,
                                                                                      • PRO300S Steel-Decking Attachment  (also sold separately)
               wall plates, stair treads, sheathing, fiber-cement siding to steel
                                                                                      • Extension
              • Expanded depth settings for high-density flooring materials
                                                                                      • Screwdriver motor
              • Reversible and replaceable non-skid teeth
                                                                                      • Screw quiver
              • Uniform toenailing and countersink on slick surfaces
                                                                                      • Rugged toolbox
              • Sure-grip guide tube increases stability for a broad range of screws
              • The patented curved collation strips hold the screws up and away from the work
               surface, making moving and positioning the tool easier. They are also pointed on
               the inserted end to simplify loading.
               Limited lifetime warranty on attachment and extension,1- year limited warranty on screw-driver motors

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