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             FALL PROTECTION forTOOLS                                        ™

              SAFE BUCKETS

              Every Safe Bucket is manufactured with either a hook and loop or   Canvas Safe Buckets are constructedwith a heavy-duty 24 oz. cotton
              drawstring closure system which helps prevent accidental drops.   duck canvas and are load rated for 100 lbs. Vinyl Safe Buckets are
              Safe Buckets are third-party load rated with an                           built from a heavy-duty vinyl material that is easy
              engineering firm that is ISO 9001 Certified.                              to clean, and are load rated for 250 lbs. A heavy-
              Sewn into the bottom of every Safe Bucket is                              duty hoisting/ shoulder strap is built into every
              hard composite plating that protects the bucket                           Safe Bucket. Each bucket is also equipped with a
              from accidental punctures. A protective leather                           high quality and  light weight aluminum twist-lock
              sleeve that is resilient to the elements and                              carabiner load rated  for 30 kN (6,700 lbs).
              harsh work environments covers the inserts.                               Safe Bucket Hardbody Insert With Pockets
              They are to be used with tools at height, and includes multiple   The Hard Body Safe Bucket Insert converts the standard soft
              connection points that can be tethered to. Workers can tether their   body Safe Bucket into a  hard body bucket with four inner pockets
              tools directly to the Safe Bucket when being used, and store their   for staging tools and small parts. The insert can be removed and
              tools for transport. Available in both canvas and vinyl variants.   reused, and is compatible with all standard Safe Buckets.

                         • CAP 1500134  • CAP 1500133  • CAP 1500140  • CAP 1500139  • CAP 1500141
               Load Rating  100 lbs (45.4 kg) 100 lbs (45.4kg)  250 lbs (113.4 kg) 250 lbs (113.4kg)
               Closure System Hook and Loop  Drawstring  Hook and Loop  Drawstring
               Body Material  24 oz Cotton  24 oz Cotton   Vinyl  Vinyl
                         Duck Canvas  Duck Canvas
               Height/Diam.  15" / 12.5"  15" / 12.5"  15" / 12.5"  15" / 12.5"
               Capacity  1840 in 3  1840 in 3    1840 in 3   1840 in 3
               Weight    3.42 lbs   3.42 lbs     3.47 lbs    3.47 lbs

               SMALL PARTS POUCHES

              Small Parts Pouch (Canvas Orange)   • CAP 1500121
                                                                        Designed for small parts such as nuts, bolts, screws and nails. Items are
              Small Parts Pouch (Canvas Black)    • CAP 1500119
                                                                        placed inside the pouch, at which point they are immediately secured by
              Small Parts Pouch (Vinyl Yellow)    • CAP 1500122         the self-closure system. Even when the pouch is flipped vertically, the pouch
              Small Parts Pouch (Canvas Camo Tan/Black)  • CAP 1500120  traps objects inside, making it nearly impossible for items to fall out,
              Small Parts Pouch (Canvas Extra Deep-Black) • CAP 1500123  while making it easy for retrieval since no opening or closing is necessary.

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