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                                                       FALL PROTECTION forTOOLS                                         ™


        SAFETY  Beacon Hi-Visibility Reflectors  A Faster, Smarter                       Bottom Drain Vent
            The 3M DBI-SALA Beacon Hi-Vis Reflectors are Way To Holster
                                                                                         Even in rainy weather conditions, holsters with
                                                                                         a drain vent stay in outstanding working form.
            always easy to identify and locate, even when left With Quick-Mag
                                                 Quick-Mag™ speeds                       The vent helps keep the holster dry by
                                                 up your workflow and                    allowing water to pass through, protecting
                                                  reduces how often                      your tools from
                                                 your tools need to be                   rusting, and
            in dark spaces. Highly reflective material is sown  holstered. A powerful magnetic tool staging sys-  protecting your
            into front and back of the holster allowing it to be tem allows tools to simply stick to the holster en-  holster from
            detected in low light conditions with a flashlight. suring that your tools are always at the ready.  dry rot.
             • All equipped w/D-Rings   Load Rating  5 lbs
             • Holsters w/Retractors  Load Rating  1.5 lbs        Pouch Holster With Retractor
                                                                  • Quickly holster tape measures and other small tools
             Single Tool Harness Holster .............
                                                                  • Includes a Python Safety Retractor
             • CAP 1500103
                                                                  • CAP 1500095  Pouch Holster with Retractor
                                                                  Hammer Holster
             Single Tool Harness Holster w/Retractor  ..............
                                                                  • Safe holstering of virtually any hammer under 5 lbs.
             • CAP 1500104
                                                                  • D-Ring on the side of the holster is load rated for 5 lbs (2.3 kg).
                                                                  • During Transport, the Hammer Holster can be locked shut
             Single Tool Belt Holster w/Retractor ....             with a hook and loop strap. While being used, the strap can be
             • CAP 1500102                                         locked up allowing for easy hammer access and holstering.
                                                                  • CAP 1500093  Hammer Holster
                                                                  • CAP 1500094  Hammer Holster & Hook2Quick Ring Coil Tether
             Extra-Deep Single Tool Belt Holster .......................
             • CAP 1500105                                        Adjustable Radio Holster
                                                                  • Holster adjusts to fit virtually any handheld radio,

             Dual Tool Harness Holster w/Retractor ...             cell phone, and many other devices.
             • CAP 1500109                                        • Can be worn from Belt or Harness.
                                                                  • Micro D-Ring can be placed on the back of a device,
                                                                   and can then be tethered to a D-Ring on the
             Dual Tool Belt Holster ...............................................  front of the Adjustable Radio Holster with Clip2Loop Coil Tether
             • CAP 1500106
                                                                  • CAP 1500088   Adjustable Radio Holster
                                                                  • CAP 1500089   Adjustable Radio Holster, Clip2Loop Coil Tether
                                                                                  & Micro D-Ring
             Dual Tool Belt Holster w/Retractor .....
             • CAP 1500103                                        Spray Can / Bottle Holster
                                                                  • Flexible neoprene holster allows for quick
                                                                   tethering of bottles and spray cans.
                                                                  • HOL-BOTTLECOMBO comes with Clip2Clip Coil Tether
             Tape Measure Holsters
                                                                  • CAP 1500091   Spray Can / Bottle Holster
             • Designed to be used with virtually any tape measure,
                                                                  • CAP 1500092   Spray Can / Bottle Holster and Clip2Clip Coil Tether
              or the optional Tape Measure Sleeve, allowing
              Tape Measures to be safely tethered and holstered.  Drill Battery Holster/Sleeve
             • Sleeve conforms to the                             • Unique sleeve design conforms to the size of virtually
              size of nearly every Tape Measure.                   any drill battery.
             • Features Beacon Hi-Vis Reflectors.                 • Sleeve is cinched to the drill, allowing the drill to be
             • CAP 1500098  Tape Measure Retractor Holster         tethered off while being used at height.
             • CAP 1500099  Tape Measure Sleeve                   • CAP 1500090  Load Rating; 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
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