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               THE PROTO SKYHOOK              TM                        The SkyHook Tether & Transfer System is comprised of switches, docks,
                                                                        lanyards and carabiners, all designed to make tool control as complete as
                              TETHER & TRANSFER SYSTEM                  possible with little interference to tool function.
              The next generation of safety technology for positive control of hand
                                                                        The Heart of the SkyHook Technology is the
              tools at height, in work areas requiring foreign material exclusion (FME)
                                                                        SkyHook and the Skydock :
              or anywhere simple
              accidents become                                          • The SkyHook switch connector tethers to the tool on a short lanyard.
              costly mistakes. Since a                                  • The SkyDock attachment securely anchors the SkyHook to wrist,
              better tether system is                                    belt or apron.
              a safer tether system,
              SkyHook provides
              secure tool transfers, a                                    TOOL IS COMPLETELY SECURE
              free range of motion,                                                               DURING TRANSFER
              and positive tool
                                                                        Just “Swipe to Switch”.
              control at the worksite.
                                                                        Hand-to-hand, hand-to-belt, person-to-person or person-to-station,
                                                                        the transfer is the same.
              Maintain Positive Control during tool transfers. Whether hand-to-hand,  Step 1:
              person-to-person or person-to-station, the mechanism inside the   Tool is safely locked
              innovative SkyHook keeps the tool completely secure at every point dur-
              ing the transfer.
              Gain Freedom of Motion to use tools correctly with a SkyDock TM
              attached to the wrist. The short lanyard is light, tight and less likely to
              get caught on nearby equipment or snags than traditional lanyards.

              Get Accountability through positive control. A tool attached to a   Step 2:
              SkyDock is either attached to a wrist, a belt, a tool apron or a co-worker.  Use switch connector
              At all points, tools attached to SkyDock can be accounted for from truck  to transfer
              to site and back. No tool is left behind.

                                 Made from powder coated Die Cast ADC12
                                 Aluminum Alloy with:
               Rubber Material Spacer   • High mechanical strength and rigidity
               to reduce wear/tear of   • High resistance to repeated impacts
               aluminum          • Excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, and solvents  Step 3:
                                 • Wide end-use temperature range       Transfer tool after
                                                                        connector safely

            Plastic tubing to prevent
            lanyard from activating switch
                                                                        • You can hold the tool during transfer.
                                                                        • The SkyHook does not require hands to make the switch.
            Mechanism is made from Dupont Zytel® glass reinforced nylon,          ™
            stainless steel springs and brass rivets for strength, durability   • The SkyHook will only disengage once it is engaged to
            and corrosion-resistence.                                    another Skydock .

                                                email:        800 456-2658
                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                                 60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                 800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232  929 337-1821
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