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                                                      INDUSTRIAL TETHEREDTOOLS

             SPLIT RINGS

        SAFETY  1. Choose the tool collar and attachment point which best fit the tool.     • Installs easily to manufacturers pre-drilled tether holes.
                                                                     • Fits tools of significant geometry.
              Make sure to select the smallest sized ring that will fit over the tool shaft.
                                                                     • Create a tether ring on the fly.
             With the proper fitting parts, slide the ring over the shaft of your tool.
                                                                     • Weight Rated - Max Tool Weight 2 lbs.
              Once the ring is in place, you may now install the tool collar.
                                                                     • Semi-permanent attachment of tools to lanyards.
            2. Slide the collar over the shaft of the tool until the tip is protruding through
                                                                     • For use with tethers of
             the collar. To finish the installation of the tool collar, roll the barrel back
                                                                      12 inches or less.
             towards the enlarged flange then pinch the rolled back portion, and the tool
             collar, at the same time. While continuing to pinch the tool collar, push it
             down the shaft to your desired position, which most typically is against the    ITEM CODE  DESCRIPTION)                                                 FOR TOOLS SIZE                          TYPE   PACK       BRAND
                                                                               COLLAR w/LOOP                                             DIAMETER                                                                                    QTY.
             handle of the tool. Finally, test your tool collar by pulling on the ring. If tool   PROJPCL0SS  (JTC0) & Loop (JTL1SS) 0.035 to 0.094  Metal Ring  10 Proto®
             collar doesn’t slide installation is complete.         JPROPCL1SS  (JTC1) & Loop (JTL2SS) 0.094 to 0.156  Metal Ring  10 Proto®
             TOOL COLLAR SAMPLE KIT                                 PROJPCL2SS  (JTC2) & Loop (JTL3SS)  0.156 to 0.250  Metal Ring  10  Proto®
                                                                    PROJPCL3SS   (JTC3) & Loop (JTL4SS)  0.219 to 0.313  Metal Ring  10 Proto®
             PRO JPCLSMPLKIT                                        PROJPCL4SS  (JTC4) & Loop (JTL5SS)  0.313 to 0.438  Metal Ring   10  Proto®

            • One of each metal ring size used for determining proper fit.  PROJPCL5SS   (JTC5) & Loop (JTL5SS) 0.400 to 0.540  Metal Ring  10  Proto®
             ITEM  CODE                     DESCRIPTION                                TYPE  PROJPCL6SS  (JTC6) & Loop (JTL6SS) 0.540 to 0.790  Metal Ring  10  Proto®
             PRO JPCL0SS  0.035 to 0.094"   Proto®                  PROJPCL7SS   (JTC7) & Loop (JTL7SS) 0.790 to 1.000  Metal Ring  10  Proto®
             PRO JPCL1SS  0.094 to 0.156"   Proto®                  PROT-TCL0PL   (TC0) & Loop TL1  0.035 to 0.094  Non-Met. Ring  25  Ty-Flo-t
             PRO JPCL2SS  0.156 to 0.250"   Proto®                  PROT-TCL1PL  (TC1) & Loop TL2  0.094 to 0.156  Non-Met. Ring  25  Ty-Flo-t
             PRO JPCL3SS  0.219 to 0.313"   Proto®
             PRO JPCL4SS  0.313 to 0.438"   Proto®                  PROT-TCL2PL  (TC2) & Loop TL3   0.156 to 0.250  Non-Met. Ring  25  Ty-Flo-t
             PRO JPCL5SS  0.400 to 0.540"   Proto®                  PROT-TCL3PL  (TC3) & Loop TL4  0.219 to 0.313  Non-Met. Ring 25  Ty-Flo-t
             PRO JPCL6SS  0.540 to 0.790"   Proto®                  PROT-TCL4PL  (TC4) & Loop TL5   0.313 to 0.438  Non-Met. Ring  25  Ty-Flo-t
             PRO JPCL7SS  0.790 to 1.00"   Proto®
                                                                    PROT-TCL5PL   (TC5) & Loop TL5  0.400 to 0.540  Non-Met. Ring  25  Ty-Flo-t

             MOLECULAR SEALING TAPE                                   TOOL LANYARDS

            • Used for attaching D-ring webbing to tools.
            • No heat gun necessary - Bonds to itself and not the too - No residue   • Internal bungee cord with nylon outer sheathing
            • Installs in seconds (stretch, wrap, and go) - Will not peel off, must be cut   on dual carabiner lanyards.
            • For use with tethers of 12 inches or less.             • Lanyards with one carabiner have elastic woven
            ITEM CODE     TYPE                                       SIZE (IN x FT)               THICKNESS (IN)                 COLOR                         BRAND  into the webbing providing longevity versus standard elastic lanyards.
            PRO JMOL36RFOR  Tape Reinforced       1 x 36  0.020                        Orange             Proto®  ITEM  ATTACHMENT  RETRACTED  EXTENDED  MAX TOOL
            PRO T-MOL3645VO  Tape Reinforced  1 x 36   0.045  Orange             Ty-Flo-t  CODE   LENGTH    LENGTH  WEIGHT
                                                                      PRO JLAN15LBSSRP     (1) Screw Gate Carabiner       32”                                 48”                     15 lb.
             HARD HAT LANYARD
                                                                     • Heavy-duty lanyards for use with large tools.
            • The Proto® hard hat lanyard prevents your hard hat
                                                                     • Swivel option on some lanyards to prevent entanglement.
              from becoming a dropped object. It can be used with
                                                                     ITEM         ATTACHMENT           LENGTH      MAX TOOL         COLOR                   BRAND
              almost any hard hat, and is a comfortable alternative to the   CODE                          WEIGHT (LBS.)
                                                                      PRO T-L36803TSWLP     Triple Action Lock & Swivel w/Loop     3            80                 Orange        Ty-Flo-t
              traditional “chin strap."
            • While keeping your helmet secure, the lanyard,          LIFT TOOL BUCKETS
              attaches to an outer garment never impeding use of the hard hat.  Tethering D-Ring
            • All Proto® Hard Hat lanyards feature an “easy release" where you may
              disengage the side release buckle, leaving one piece secured to the hard  ITEM  DESCRIPTION                                                                         SIZE  MAX. TOOL
                                                                                                       (IN DIA. x IN DEEP) WEIGHT (LBS)           BRAND
              hat, and the other still attached to an outer garment. When ready to
                                                                     PRO JBUCK300LBZP         Tethering D-Ring Lift Bucket
              use the hard hat again, simply reengage the side release buckle.     with Swivel Triple Lock Carabiner     13 x 15                 300                    Proto®
             ITEM CODE    COLOR                                     PACK QTY.  BRAND  PRO JBUCKSET                    Tethering D-Ring Lift Bucket Set
             PRO JLANHATRD   Red    100              Proto®                        with D-Ring Wrist Strap System
             PRO JLANHATRD10   Red   10              Proto®                        (2)JWS-DR and (6)JLANWR6LB           13 x 15                300                    Proto®
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