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               SOCKETS, DRIVE TOOLS & ACCESSORIES                        3/8” & 1/2” DRIVE

              All Proto Tethered Tool Sockets, Ratchets, and Torque Wrenches feature a  Premium Pear Head Ratchets
              Positive Control Pin Detent System. Unlike the usual ball detent that only  • Small pear head design for access in tight, hard to reach work areas.
              provides friction to retain the socket, the Postive Control System requires a  • 45-Tooth gear provides balance between 8° articulation angle
              separate tool (such as a punch pin or hex key) to attach or remove the  and high torque carrying capacity.
              socket. These sockets cannot be removed without specific intent.  • Low profile reversing lever design for quick, one-hand use.
                                                                        • Locking pin detent to retain socket during use.

                                                                        ITEM                                                      DRIVE                  FINISH                               OVERALL
                                                                        CODE                                                     SIZE                    LENGTH
                                                                        PRO J5250XL-TT         3/8”           Full Polish        11”
                                                                        PRO J5449XL-TT         1/2”           Full Polish        10-1/2”
                                                                        PRO J5450XL-TT         1/2”           Full Polish        15”

                                                                                                           Lanyard ready through-hole
                                                                                                           built directly into the handle.

                PRO J47A-TT, 7 Pc. Pin Punch Set                         RATCHETING HEAD MICROMETER

              • Black oxide finish to help prevent rust corrosion,       Torque Wrenches
               extending tool life and performance.                     • Tether-ready with Heat Shrink Loop, use with elastic bungie or web lanyard
              • Set offers a wide range of sizes to handle a variety    only.
               of jobs.                                                 • Calibrated to +/- 3% clockwise direction and +/- 6% counter clockwise at
                PRO J4993-TT, 9 Pc. Folding Hex Key Set                  20% to 100% of full scale.
                                                                        • Calibration is accomplished by manual loading the torque wrenches.
              • Chrome plated steel case is 4-1/2" long.
                                                                        • Manufactured to meet standard industrial torque applications,
              • Black oxide bits are 1-7/16" to 2-3/4" long.
                                                                         general industry, heavy equipment, and maintenance.
              • Weight (lbs): 0.47
                                                                        • Locking pin detent to retain socket during use.
              TorquePlus Delivers Power Where You Need It
                                                                        ITEM       DRIVE                  TORQUE RANGE       INCREMENTS        HEAD                       HEAD  OVERALL
                                                                        CODE       SIZE                     (FT-LBS)  (FT-LBS)                WIDTH                    DEPTH        LENGTH
              Engages fastener on the flats                 LOWEST      PRO J6012C-TT      3/8”            20-100         0.5               1-7/16”      1-1/64”            17”
              rather than on the corners.                               PRO J6014C-TT      1/2”            50-250         1                   1-7/8’          1-13/32”         27-1/8”
              Reduces rounding of corners by
              applying forces over a larger                              EXTENSIONS
              surface area.
                                                          Delivers up to   • Made from alloy steel.
                                                       15% more torque
                                                                       • Heat treated for strength and durability.
                                                 to the fastener shaft or nut.
              Conventional Sockets vs TorquePlus TM
              The difference is in the points. A TorquePlus socket features rounded   ITEM                                         DRIVE                    OVERALL  ITEM                                         DRIVE                    OVERALL
                                                                        CODE                                        SIZE                        LENGTH   CODE                                         SIZE                       LENGTH
              points which allow the socket walls to contact the fastener walls, keeping
                                                                        PRO J5260-TT   3/8”   3”   PRO J5461-TT   1/2”   5”
              pressure off the points. This engineering change helps the socket find a
                                                                        PRO J5262-TT   3/8”   12”   PRO J5463-TT  1/2”   10”
              longer, better grip on the flat of the fastener head. All Proto hand sockets  PRO J5460-TT  1/2”   2-1/2”
              feature the innovative TorquePlus design.
                        Angled Corners                                         Rounded Corners  ADAPTERS

                                                                        ITEM                                                          INPUT                                         OUTPUT  OVERALL
                                CONVENTIONAL                                        TORQUEPLUS ™  CODE                                                         DRIVE                                          DRIVE  LENGTH
                                6 POINT SOCKET                                    12 POINT SOCKET  PRO J5253-TT    3/8”   1/2”  1-7/16”
                                                                        PRO J524-TT    1/2”     3/8”          1-3/8”
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