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             HEAD PROTECTION                                          ACCESSORIES
                                                                        REFLECTIVE STRIPS
        SAFETY  OMEGA II                                              Exceeds the minimum reflectivity requirements of
               6 Point Suspension Hard Hats
                                                                      the ANSI/ISEA 107 for high- visibility head wear
             Cap Style
             • 6-Point woven nylon suspension                         360°
                                                                       • 3M Self-adhesive silver reflective material- measures: 1.125” W x 23” L
             • Accessory slots accommodate a wide variety  of eye, face and hearing products
             • Accommodates chin strap                                ANSI
             • Certified when headband is installed in reverse position  • Self-adhesive Reflexite retroreflective material
             • Moisture wicking brow pad is removable, washable & replaceable  • Measurements: 0.5” W x 22” L
             • Goggle retaining slots on suspension  • Cap weight: 13.50 oz.   • SEI Certified  • Carton quantity is 1 sheet-each sheet contains 7 strips
             • Mega Ratchet size adjustment for head sizes 6.5 – 8
                                                                       HP-RS360L             360° 23” Reflective Strip
             • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Type 1, Class C, E and G requirements
                                                                       HP-RSWH        ANSI Strips Fluorescent White
             • Hi-Viz Yellow and Hi-Viz Lime meet the chromaticity and luminance
                                                                       HP-RSOR        ANSI Strips Fluorescent Orange
              requirements for background material in ANSI/ISEA 107
                                                                       HP-RSLI        ANSI Strips Fluorescent Lime
             Available in 15 colors:
                                                                        HI-VIS BEANIE HAT
            HH-MGR-WH                               HH-MGR-BL                                HH-MGR-OR                            HH-MGR-GR
                     HH-MGR-YEL                           HH-MGR-RED                                HH-MGR-BLA
                                                                       • Hi-Visibility beanie style hat, Non-ANSI,
                                                                       • Lightweight knit hat, silver reflective trim
                                                                       • One-size fits most sizing

                                                                       HW-BEANNIE-L   Lime Yellow
            HH-MGR-GRA                             HH-MGR-GOLD                            HH-MGR-HVL                     HH-MGR-PINK
                                                                       HW-BEANNIE-O   Orange
                    HH-MGR-DBLU                            HH-MGR-HVOR                           HH-MGR-HVY
                                                                         HARD HAT LINERS

                                              HH-MGR-GLOW              • 100% polyester with a moisture wicking treatment that
            Mega Ratchet Features:
                                                                        allows perspiration to be drawn away from the skin to
            • The “Secure-Fit” ratchet has an easy turn knob that       the outside of the liner for evaporation
             allows size adjustment  without removing                  • Terry cloth sweatband built into liner
             the helmet. Adjusts to over 40 different head sizes!
                                                                       • Light weight and form fitting
            • Each turn of the ratchet knob automatically locks with
                                                                       • Easily attaches to the suspension of a hard hat
             50 meshing teeth securing the position.
            • The no-slip hold maintains the desired fit even in the most   HP-HHL-AF  American Flag Liner
             physically active jobs or extreme weather conditions.
            • The hinged ratchet fits low on the nape of neck and        TERRY CLOTH BROW PAD
             is height-adjustable for a perfect fit.
            • The ratchet mechanism is cushioned with a thick          • 100% plush absorbent cotton - machine washable
             sponge padding for long-lasting comfort.                  • Universal fit. - fits most hard hat suspensions
                                                                       • Easily attaches to suspension with plastic snaps
             Head Protection Features:                                 HP-TCBP        Brow Pad

                                                                         DOO RAGS
           A                                  B                                           C                                 D                        E  • 100% Cotton- six panel head wrap- one size fits all -treated for softness
             A. Moisture Wicking Brow Pad, removable, washable & replaceable.
             B. Wide 0.75” woven ribbon is used for comfort and protection.  HP-DR-BL  Black Doo Rags
             C.  Cap Accessory Slots accommodate a variety of eye, face & hearing products  HP-DR-CA  Camo
             D. Chin Strap Retaining Slots                             HP-DR-SS       Stars & Stripe
             E. Goggle Retaining Slots                                 HP-DR-R        Rebel
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