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                 LATEX SMOOTH GRIP COATED                                  MAXIFLEX ULTIMATE BY ATG        ®
                 Cotton/Polyester                                             ®            ®
                                                                        MaxiFlex Ultimate by ATG , black micro-foam
                                                                        nitrile coated palm & fingertips, 15 gauge
              • Made with latex, smooth palm                                                     ®
               coat and medium weight shell                             gray seamless knit nylon with Lycra liner.
              • Uncoated back allows hands to breathe                   • Ultra cool and very comfortable to wear,
              • Coated palm offers abrasion resistance and increased grip  breathable coating keeps hands cool and dry
                                                                        • Excellent dexterity, sensitivity and tactility
                                                        BEST SELLNG!
                                                                        • Designed to produce minimal lint and dust
               GLO BPD        Economy Grade, Blue Latex, Large, 12 pr/BX
                                                                        • Minimal penetration (strike through) keeps the liner soft on the inside
                                                                        • Silicone free
                                                                                                               BEST SELLING
                                                                         GLO MFU-M      Dark Gray Liner, Medium
                    PVC COATED                                           GLO MFU-L      Dark Gray Liner, Large
                                                                                                               IN AMERICA!
                   Cotton/Polyester Knit                                 GLO MFU-XL     Dark Gray Liner, XL

                 • Double side black PVC dots coat,
                                                                          WORKMAN’S JOURNEYMAN
                  regular weight shell
                                                                        Maximum Safety® professional workman’s glove, brown   GENUINE
                 • Coated palm offers abrasion resistance
                  and increased grip                                                                              GOATSKIN
                                                                        reinforced palm and back, Hi-Vis yellow knuckle protector.
                • Coated fingertips to extend wear
                                                                        • Genuine goatskin leather, internal foam
                GLO DOT                                                  padded palm, nylon spandex fabric
                               Double-Sided Dots, Large, 12 pr/BX
                                                                        • Micro cotton thumb, reinforced fingertips
                                                                        • Thermo Plastic Rubber molded knuckle
                                                                         guardswith reflective knuckle tape
                 COTTON JERSEYS                                         • Sandy PVC thumb crotch & thumb reinforcement
                                                                        • Hook & loop closure patch
              100% cotton knitted brown jersey glove, straight
                                                                         GLO JSG-M      Maximum Safety, Medium
              thumb, heavyweight, clute pattern, brown knitwrist.
                                                                         GLO JSG-L      Maximum Safety, Large
              • Knitwrist prevents dirt and debris from entering glove   GLO JSG-XL     Maximum Safety, XL
              • Heavier weight provides enhanced protection and
               extended wear
                                                                           NYLON WITH NITRILE
               GLO BJ9        Heavyweight, Men’s, 12 pr/BX
                                                                           MicroSurface Grip
                                                                        Black nitrile coated gloves with MicroSurface ™
                                                                        grip, purple nylon liner,13 gauge
                                                                        Gloves feature MicroSurface , a surface
                 SPLIT LEATHER                                          treatment that provides a superior grip in
                 with Safety Cuffs                                      dry, wet and oily conditions by reacting like
                                                                        tiny suction cups that attach themselves
              Economy split cowhide leather patch palm glove,
                                                                        firmly to the material being handled.
              wing thumb, knucklestrap, cotton lined reinforced palm,
                                                                        • Excellent resistance to liquid permeation
              blue/black/red striped fabric back, 2.75” starched safety cuff with
                                                                        • Oil does not penetrate the glove like foam nitrile styles
              white cotton binding.
                                                                        • Strong protection from punctures and abrasions
              • Constructed of the most economical split cowhide in the market  • Seamless nylon liner for comfort and better fit
              • Leather knucklestrap and fingertips for extra protection
                                                                         GLO NWN-M      Nitrile, Gray Nylon Liner, Medium
              • Elastic closure sewn inside glove for safety and comfort
                                                                         GLO NWN-L      Nitrile, Gray Nylon Liner, Large
               GLO LPSC       Economy, Safety Cuffs,  Men’s, 12 pr/BX    GLO NWN-XL     Nitrile, Gray Nylon Liner, XL
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                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
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