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             COLD WEATHER GLOVES               Conquer the cold with gloves built to endure the elements. SHOWA’s winter gloves create a shield against
                                               extreme temperatures that threaten to compromise your most vital tools.Designed to prevent cold blisters,
               burns, and subsequent scarring, these insulated gloves will regulate and maintain ideal body temperatures so you can work comfortably and safely.
               Not thinking of winter yet? This is a great time prepare for what lies ahead. Let us help you identify the proper hand protection for your workers.
               Ask a Tanner customer service representative about our free glove audit and training.

                451 - LATEX GRIP GLOVE                                    454 - COLD RESISTANT
                w/Thermal Lining                                          w/Polyester Acrylic Lining

               The acrylic/cotton/polyester liner provides effective protection   Designed to protect at temperatures down to -30°C,
               against the cold. Natural rubber coating (latex) on the palm   for short or intermittent contact. A robust glove with
               offers good resistance to tearing, puncturing and abrasion.   high resistance to tearing. A flexible glove designed f
               Rough finish provides excellent grip on slippery surfaces.   or easy movement and extended wear. Rough textured
               Because it is knitted without a seam and anatomically    grip allows slippery objects to be gripped firmly.
               shaped, it fits onto the hand perfectly to provide absolute comfort   High Comfort: fluffy thanks to a special fibre knitting process.
               and exceptional dexterity.The coating is confined to the palm  Seamless knit designed to prevent irritation
               and fingertips, leaving the back of the hand ventilated to
                                                                         SHO 454L-09             Large
               limit perspiration. This warm and comfortable glove is ideal
                                                                         SHO 454XL-10          X-Large
               for all types of work in cold rooms or in cold weather.
                                                                         SHO 454XXL-11       XX-Large
                SHO 451L-09   Large
                SHO 451XL-10  X-Large

                            4545 - NITRILE PALM-DIP
                            w/Acrylic Fleece Lining

                         SHOWA® 4545 brings winter lined hand protection to the
                         next level by combining a durable and extended, 3/4   SHO 4545L-09  Large
            loves        over the knuckle nitrile palm-dip with an acrylic fleece liner to   SHO 4545XL-10  X-Large
                         keep the hand comfortably warm. 7 gauge brushed inner acrylic
                         fleece recommended fortemps down to -15ºF (-26ºC).  SHO 4545XXL-11  XX-Large

                477 - OIL RESISTANT                                       460 - OIL & CHEMICAL RESISTANT

                w/Acrylic Terry Lining                                    w/Waterproof Lining
              Insulated with a fixed acrylic terry liner; keeps          Built to stay flexible down to -4°F, the ATLAS 460
              hand warm and comfortable. Liner is                        features an insulated acrylic liner and PVC
              seamless for reduced irritation. Dual                      coating for oil and chemical resistance, as well as
              layered coating: Liquid impermeable blue                   excellent impermeability. Fully coated double
              nitrile full dip and black nitrile foam grip/palm          dipped PVC provides good resistance to the majority
              dip. Waterproof and wind proof coating - works             of chemical substances. The rough finish of the palm
              with insulated  liner to keep hands warm in cold,          allows objects to be held securely and makes handling
              wet, and/or windy conditions. Ergonomic design             easier, as well as providing good abrasion resistance.
              mimics natural curvature of the human hand for             Ideal for water, sewage, and septic applications, garbage
              a more comfortable fit.  Highly flexble and                collection, highway work, airline de-icing, refrigerated
              abrasion resistant.                                        warehouses, and other cold temperature operations.
                SHO 477L-08         Large
                SHO 477XL-09       X-Large                               SHO 460L-09     Large
                SHO 477XXL-10    XX-Large                                SHO 460XL-10    X-Large
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