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              OVER-THE-GLASS DESIGN (OTG)                                                                           ®

                 THE SCOUT                                                BOUTON 551 SOFTSIDES         ™
                 Fits Over Prescription Eyewear                           Indirect Vent Goggle w/Clear Blue Body,
              • Visitor glasses with a large frame - can also be worn as safety glasses  Clear Lens & Anti-Scratch / FogLess Coating
              • Polycarbonate Uni-Lens
              • Vented temples for reduced fogging                     • Offers indirect ventilation through plastic
              • 4 base curve lens     • Meets ANSI Z87.1+                hooded vents in the frame
                                                                       • Extended face flanges close the gaps over the nose
              ITEM CODE      TEMPLE    LENS & COATING
                                                                         and cheekbone areas, providing excellent protection
              SG SCOUT       Clear     Clear, Anti-Scratch
                                                                       • Soft vinyl body molds snugly to the face without pressure or irritation
                                                                       • Fits comfortably over most prescription glasses, elastic headband
               SAFETY GOGGLES                              ®
                                                                       • Clear blue transparent frame to prevent yellowing
                 BOUTON FUSELAGE                                       • FogLess lens coating to keep your lenses and vision clear
                 Dust Goggle Full Frame Eye Protection                 • Meets ANSI Z87.1
              • Flame resistant foam padding keeps out                 ITEM CODE     TEMPLE            LENS & COATING
               dust and airborne particles                             SG COV-CLSASAF       Clear Blue Transparent      Clear, Anti-Scratch
              • Interchangeable temples and headband                   SG COV-CLVASAF       Clear Blue Transparent       Clear, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog
               strap included
              • Temples and strap snap in or out, convertsfrom
               a safety glass to a dust goggle and back                 EYEWEAR ACCESSORIES
              • Bayonet nylon temples with rubber tips for secure fit
              • Molded nose bridge design fits majority of users          LENS CLEANING TOWELETTE DISPENSER
              • FogLess lens coating    • 8 base curve lens    • Meets ANSI Z87.1+
                                                                        • Pre-moistened
             ITEM CODE      TEMPLE  LENS & COATING
                                                                        • For plastic, glass or polycarbonate lenses
             SG FUSELAGE    Black  Clear, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog
                                                                        • Anti-Fog, Anti-Static, Anti-Streaking formula
               MAG READERS                                              • Easily placed on walls
                                                                        • Individually foil packaged
              • Magnification reader glasses for the worker who needs to see up close  • 100 towelettes per dispenser, 10 dispensers per case
              • The 30 mm wide "curved top" reading
                                                                        SG LCT         Towellette Dispenser
               magnifier provides the worker
  Glasses                                                                 LENS CLEANING STATION
               with enough lens area to view his work
               throughout the day
              • Durable nylon frame with extra wide latex-free
               rubber nose pads for comfort for up close work          • Disposable dispenser can be positioned close to workers& easily moved
                                                                       • Contains 8 oz. anti-fog/anti-static cleaner in a spray pump bottle
              • Temples with soft rubber pads provide a secure fit     • Two 300-count boxes of lint-free, absorbent tissues
              • 8 Base curve lens  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+  • Meets CSA Z94.3                                             • For plastic, glass or polycarbonate lenses
               ITEM CODE      MAGNIFICATION                                              FRAME  LENS & COATING  • 8 stations per case
              SG MG-1.0C      +1.00 Diopter  Black  Clear, Anti-Scratch
                                                                        SG LCS         Lens Cleaning Station
              SG MG-1.5C      +1.50 Diopter  Black  Clear, Anti-Scratch
              SG MG-2.0C      +2.00 Diopter  Black  Clear, Anti-Scratch
              SG MG-2.5C      +2.50 Diopter  Black  Clear, Anti-Scratch   SAFETY GLASS STRAPS
              SG MG-3.0C      +3.00 Diopter  Black  Clear, Anti-Scratch  • Keeps eyewear securely in place, loops over eyewear ends
              SG MG-1.5G      +1.50 Diopter  Black  Gray, Anti-Scratch  • Sold 12 per box.
              SG MG-2.0G      +2.00 Diopter  Black  Gray, Anti-Scratch
              SG MG-2.5G      +2.50 Diopter  Black  Gray, Anti-Scratch  SG LANYARD-B   Black    SG LANYARD-BB  Bright Blue
              SG MG-3.0G      +3.00 Diopter  Black  Gray, Anti-Scratch  SG LANYARD-R   Red    SG LANYARD-OR  Orange

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