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                                 3M                           RESPIRATORY PROTECTION

            PARTICULATE RESPIRATORS                                        BETTER!

        SAFETY  Lightweight construction promotes  GOOD!  Protects for work settings that   This disposable N95 particulate
            comfort and increased wear time.
            Features 3M 's Advanced Electret     involve heat, humidity,  or long     welding respirator features a
                                                 periods of wear.  Applications
                                                                                      carbon layer and the 3M
            Media, welded strap attachment,      include grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and Cool Flow Valve. It is designed for applications
            soft nose foam an adjustable noseclip to help  other dusty/hot operations. Features the Cool  where metal fumes are present including those
            provide a custom fit and secure seal.   ™
                                                 Flow Exhalation Valve, braided headbands, soft  with ozone* and nuisance level organic vapors**.
            • At least 95% filtration efficiency against solid
                                                 inner materials, & adjustable M-noseclip for   •Use in certain applications involving metal fumes
             and liquid aerosols that do not contain oils
                                                 custom fit and secure seal.          • Cake resistant filter media and flame resistant as
            • Advanced electrostatically charged micro fibers          Respirators
                                                 • Patented one-way valve offers easy exhalation   demonstrated per modified ASTM D2859
             make breathing easier.
                                                  and cool, dry comfort.              • Carbon filter layer reduces exposure to nuisance
            3M 8210   Particulate  Respirator N95    20-Pk   160/CASE
                                                 • Noseclip adjusts for comfort, reduces eye wear   level odors
                                                  fogging & helps secure seal         • Soft nose foam; adjustable noseclip and straps
                                                 • All filter design provides economical protection,
            • As 8210 with additional proprietary   with no spare parts to clean and allows easier
             3M Cool Flow Valve helps keep wearer cool.   communication.
            3M 8210V   Particulate  Respirator N95  10-Pk   80/CASE  3M 8511     Particulate Respirator  N95        10-Pk     80/CASE 3M 8514     Particulate Respirator  N95      10-Pk    80/CASE
                                                      REUSABLE RESPIRATORS
               HALF FACEPIECE
              6000 SERIES                                GOOD!          7500 SERIES                             BETTER!
            • Offers a three-way safeguard against a wide variety of   • Provides a softer feel andadjustment design helps
             gas, vapor and particulate hazards.                     reduce tension andpressure points on the face
            • Common applications in asbestos exposure, painting,   • Unique head harness adjusts easily for optionof
             welding, automotive,  chemical and pharmaceutical       wearing respirator in traditional or drop-down mode.
             manufacturing. For workers with hardhats who often need to   • CoolFlow Valve makes breathing easier and offers cooler and drier comfort
             remove the respirator without removing  the hardhat.   • Directs exhaled breath and moisture downward
            • Reusable - durable and lightweight thermoplastic elastomer    while helping protect the valve area from debris
            • Use with 3M 6000 Series Cartridges
                                                                      3M 7501 7501 SM Half-Face Respirator
             3M 6100 6100 SM Half-Face Respirator                     3M 7502 7502 MED Half-Face Respirator
             3M 6200 6200 MED Half-Face Respirator                    3M 7503 7503 LARGE Half-Face Respirator
             3M 6300 6300 LARGE Half-Face Respirator
                                                                      FULL FACEPIECE
              6500 SERIES
                                                                        6000 SERIES
            • Resilient silicone faceseal provides comfort, durability,
             and stability with a soft but firm seal                • Large lens for wide view and excellent visibility
            • Quick Latch mechanism makes it easy to drop down      • 3M Cool Flow Valve for cooler, drier comfort
             the respirator from face without removing head straps  • Lightweight, well-balanced design with silicone faceseal
            • Proprietary 3M Cool Flow valve helps reduce heat and moisture   • Center adapter directs exhaled breath and moisture downward,
            • Low profile half facepiece design offers a wide field of view and   • Reduces debris from depositing in the valve, for easy cleaning
             compatibility with welding and grinding shields        • For use with 3M Cartridges 6000 Series;
            • Use with 3M 6000 Series Cartridges                     3M Filters 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 Series
             3M 6501QL     SM Half-Face Respirator w/ Quick Latch     3M 6700 6700 SM Full-Face Respirator
             3M 6502QL     MED Half-Face Respirator w/ Quick Latch    3M 6800 6800 MED Full-Face Respirator
             3M 6503QL     LARGE Half-Face Respirator w/ Quick Latch  3M 6900 6900 LARGE Full-Face Respirator

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