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             COOLING VESTS

               EZ-COOL FLASH                                             EZ COOL PHASE CHANGE

            Evaporative cooling vest ANSI 107 Class 2                   Perfect for use in high heat/humid areas and under
            • Polyester outer fabric; nylon inner lining                protective equipment. Semi-solid thermal energy
            • Hi-Vis Lime Yellow                                        storage material (PCM) is designed to absorb
            • Surveyor’s style pockets                                  heat generated by the wearer.
            • Silver reflective tape                                    • Provides comfortable cooling up to 3 hours
            • 1-2 minute activation - FAST!                              at a temperature of 65°
                                                                        • Activate by placing the packs in a freezer for
          Vis  SV-EZ2Y-SM        Small/Medium, Yellow                   • Adjustable at shoulder and torso for snug fit
                                                                         1 hour or in a cooler with ice water for approximately 20 minutes
                            Large/Extra Large, Yellow
                                                                        • Hook and Loop Closure
            SV-EZ2Y-2X3X       2X/3XYellow                                                          SV-PCK       Kit; Vest and Packs
                                                                        • Navy Vest & Cooling Packs
            SV-EZ2Y-4X5X         4X/5X Yellow                                                       SV-PCKP1          Replacement Packs
                                                                        • Use again and again


              EVAPORATIVE COOLING TOWEL                                   TIE HATS

             • Advanced Poly Vinyl Alcohol material absorbs water      • Fabric with cooling crystals for evaporative cooling
              and sweat efficiently and remains active for hours       • Elastic at back of head for secure fit
             • Natural evaporation provides a cooling sensation        • Activates after soaking in water
             delivering comfort in warm environments
             • Extended cooling lasts 1 to 7 days, depending on ambient conditions  CA-THN      One Size, Navy

             CA-CTB         One Size, Blue
                                                                          PLUS COOLING TIE HATS

              VALUE COOLING BANDANA                                    • Fast activating (1-2 min.) 5-10 hrs of cooling relief
                                                                       • 100% Polyester cool mesh, lightweight comfortable
             • Polycotton fabric with cooling crystals that cools
                                                                       • Tie fasten in back for comfortable fit
              through evaporative cooling.
             • Activates after soaking in water for 10 - 20 min.       CA-CTH      One Size, Blue

             CA-VBB         One Size, Blue                                PVA NECK BANDS

                                                                       When activated in a small amount of water, the amazing
               MESH COOLING BANDANA                                    fabric feels cooler than the ambient temperature and

             Flash evaporative cooling bandanas                        remains cool for hours. If it dries out just add water,
             • Flash activating (1-2 mins.)                             a quick wring and it's ready to continue cooling.
                                                                       CA-CNB      One Size, Blue
             CA-MBN         One Size, Navy
                                                                         DISPOSABLE SWEATBANDS
                                                                       • Made of soft absorbent cellulose constructed from
             • Attaches to hard hat suspension with snaps               hydrophilic fibers woven into a fibrous batting
             • Soft Terry cloth fabric helps absorb sweat at forehead  • Cellulose sponge requires water activation
             CA-HHSBE       One Size, Beige                            • Lightweight and disposable
             CA-HHSN        One Size, Navy                             CA-DSCB      One Size, Blue
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