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                 VALUE INSULATED WINTER COAT                               VALUE 2-IN-1 BOMBER JACKETS

             Hi-Visibility coat, ANSI 107 Class 3, waterproof,          Hi-Visibility bomber jacket, ANSI 107 Class 3,
             quilted polyester fiber lining, yellow with                waterproof, zip-out fleece lining, yellow
             black bottom & trim, attached hood,                        with black bottom and trim, adjustable
             2-inch silver reflective tape                              hood, 2-inch silver reflective tape.
             • Coated polyester with taped seams,                       • PU Coated waterproof polyester shell
              waterproof          Available in sizes                     and polyester fleece lining
             • Quilted insulation    up to 5x!                          • Zipper closure with storm flap and
             • Zipper closure with storm flaps,                          snaps to secure in place
              additionally secured with snaps                           • 2 external hand warmer pockets,
             • 2 external pockets with storm flaps and                   2 internal pockets, 1 radio pocket  Available in sizes
              1 upper radio pocket                                      • Black knit cuffs and waist  up to 5x!
              SWC-ISWCY-M    Insulated Coat, Medium
                                                                        SWC-V21BJY-M Bomber Jacket, Medium
              SWC-ISWCY-L    Insulated Coat, Large
                                                                        SWC-V21BJY-L  Bomber Jacket, Large SWC-V21BJY-3X Bomber Jacket, 3X
              SWC-ISWCY-XL   Insulated Coat, XL
                                                                        SWC-V21BJY-XL Bomber Jacket, XL  SWC-V21BJY-2X Bomber Jacket, 4X
              SWC-ISWCY-2X   Insulated Coat, 2X
                                                                        SWC-V21BJY-2X Bomber Jacket, 2X  SWC-V21BJY-3X Bomber Jacket, 5X
              SWC-ISWCY-3X   Insulated Coat, 3X
                                  Hi-Vis Hi-Vis HI-Vis Hi-Vis
              SWC-ISWCY-4X   Insulated Coat, 4X
              SWC-ISWCY-5X   Insulated Coat, 5X                          PANTS

                                                                            VALUE BLACK TRIM OVER PANT
                                                                         Hi-Visibility ANSI Class E durable waterproof
             Hi-Visibility rip stop bomber jacket, ANSI 107 Class 3,
                                                                         polyurethane coated solid polyester pants,
             zip-out fleece lining, yellow with black trim body
                                                                         yellow with black bottom,  elastic waist
             and cuffs, adjustable hideaway hood,                        2-inch silver reflective tape
             “D” ring harness access
                                                                         • 100% polyester with PU coating
             • PU Coated waterproof rip stop polyester                   •  Wide leg opening with snap closure
              shell with taped seams                                     •  2 side access pockets  -  Fully taped seams
             • Zipper closure with double flap                                                                  Available in sizes
              storm front                                                SP-BOPY-M   Value Pant, Medium            up to 5x!
             • Removable black 280g fleece liner                         SP-BOPY- L  Value Pant, Large  SP-BOPY-3X  Value Pant, 3X
             • 2 external hand warmer pockets,                           SP-BOPY-XL  Value Pant, XL  SP-BOPY- 4X  Value Pant, 4X
              2 internal pockets, 1 ID pocket,                           SP-BOPY-2X  Value Pant, 2X  SP-BOPY-5X  Value Pant, 5X
              1 cell phone/radio pocket and
              mic tabs with reinforced stitching                           TWO TONE MESH
             • Water-tight “D” ring access
                                      Available in sizes                Hi-Visibility ANSI  107 Class E, breathable
             • Adjustable hideaway hood
                                         up to 5x!                      polyester yellow mesh for maximum comfort
             • 2-inch silver reflective tape
                                                                        • Draw string waist
              SWC-RSBJY-M    Premium Bomber Jacket, Medium              • 2” two tone reflective tape
              SWC-RSBJY-L    Premium Bomber Jacket, Large              • 2 side access pockets, 1 back pocket
              SWC-RSBJY-XL   Premium Bomber Jacket, XL                 • Hi-Vis Lime Yellow
              SWC-RSBJY-2X   Premium Bomber Jacket, 2X                 SP-TTMY-SM      Two Tone, Small/Medium
              SWC-RSBJY-3X   Premium Bomber Jacket, 3X                 SP-TTMY- LXL   Two Tone, Large/XL
              SWC-RSBJY-4X   Premium Bomber Jacket, 4X                 SP-TTMY-2X3X   Two Tone, 2X/3X
              SWC-RSBJY-5X   Premium Bomber Jacket, 5X                 SP-TTMY-4X5X   Two Tone, 4X/5X

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