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                                                            RAINGEAR/WIND BREAKERS

              RAINGEAR                                                    HEAVY-DUTY WATERPROOF
                                                                          Breathable Bib
        SAFETY  Premium 3-Piece Rainsuit                               Hi-Visibility ANSI 107 Class E, Waterproof 300 D,
               FALCON BASE35
                                                                       100% polyester outer shell
             Ideal for construction, municipalities, shipyards,
                                                                       What is ANSI Class E?
             agriculture chemical spraying and industrial plant        Applies to retro-reflective equipped pants or shorts,
             maintenance.                                              designed to be worn in combination with either Class 2 or
                                                                       Class 3 tops. When worn in this manner, the ensemble is
             • Detachable hood with drawstring
                                                                       rated as Performance Class 3.
             • Storm flap front, two flaped pockets and
                                                                       • 3M Scotchlite reflective material
              underarm vents
                                                                       • High-backed design - Front fly opening with snap
             • Adjustable snaps at wrists and ankles for better fit
                                                                       • Front chest security pocket - Adjustable cuffs
             • Made with .35mm thick pvc anpolyester fabric
             • Bib overalls for full moisture protection               • Available in hi-vis lime yellow
             • Corduroy collar for comfort                              RG-BBY-M    Rain Bib, Medium
             • Cape vented back                                         RG-BBY-L    Rain Bib, Large  RG-BBY-3X   Rain Bib, 3X
                                                                        RG-BBY-XL   Rain Bib, XL    RG-BBY-4X    Rain Bib, 4X
                                                                        RG-BBY-2X   Rain Bib, 2X    RG-BBY-5X    Rain Bib, 5X
             RGY-S   3-Piece Rainsuit, S  RGY-2XL 3-Piece Rainsuit, 2XL
                                                                       Use in work conditions requiring protection from all weather
             RGY-M   3-Piece Rainsuit, M RGY-3XL 3-Piece Rainsuit, 3XL
                                                                       conditions & hi-visibility safety apparel, meet ANSI 107
             RGY-L   3-Piece Rainsuit, L  RGY-4XL 3-Piece Rainsuit, 4XL
             RGY-XL  3-Piece Rainsuit, XL RGY-5XL 3-Piece Rainsuit, 5XL  VALUE ALL PURPOSE 48” RAINCOAT
                                                                       Ideal for emergency response, traffic safety, survey
                HEAVY-DUTY WATERPROOF                                  crew, and roadway workers.

                Breathable Jacket                                      • FALCON Base 35
                                                                       • Made with .35mm pvc and lightweight  polyester
             Hi-Visibility ANSI 107 Class 3, Waterproof                 fabric with waterproof PU coating and taped seams
             300 D 100% polyester outer shell,                         • Zipper closure with storm flap with snaps
             zipper closure, adjustable hood,                          • Side access pockets
             2-inch 3M Scotchlite silver waterproof                    • Concealable hood for extra protection
             polyurethane coating, yellow, stitched and                • Badge holder
             welded reflective tape.                                   • Available in hi-vis lime yellow
                                                                      RG-RC48Y-S        Lime Yellow, Medium RG-RC48Y-2X    LimeYellow, 2X
             • 3M Scotchlite reflective material
                                                                      RG-RC48Y-M      Lime Yellow, Large  RG-RC48Y-3X    Lime Yellow, 3X
             • Fully adjustable hood accommodates hard hat
                                                                      RG-RC48Y-L        Lime Yellow, XL  RG-RC48Y-4X    Lime Yellow, 4X
             • Water-tight "D" ring harness access
                                                                      RG-RC48Y-XL      Lime Yellow, 2X  RG-RC48Y-5X    Lime Yellow, 5X
             • 4 pockets including clear ID holder
             • 2 mic tabs                                               WIND BREAKER
             • Adjustable cuffs
             • Available in hi-vis lime yellow
                                                                       • Lightweight polyester shell with nylon taffeta lining
                                                                       • Convenient snap front closure
             RG-HDWJ-M      Rain Jacket, Medium
                                                                       • Front slash pockets
             RG-HDWJ-L      Rain Jacket, Large
                                                                       • Drawstring waist
             RG-HDWJ-XL     Rain Jacket, XL                            • Available in hi-vis lime yellow
             RG-HDWJ-2X     Rain Jacket, 2X                            SWB-C3Y-M         Classic, Yellow, Medium SWB-C3Y-3X      Classic , Yellow, 3X
             RG-HDWJ-3X     Rain Jacket, 3X                            SWB-C3Y-L  Classic , Yellow, Large  SWB-C3Y-4X      Classic , Yellow, 4X
             RG-HDWJ-4X     Rain Jacket, 4X                            SWB-C3Y-XL        Classic , Yellow, XL  SWB-C3Y-5X      Classic , Yellow, 5X
             RG-HDWJ-5X     Rain Jacket, 5X                            SWB-C3Y-2X        Classic , Yellow, 2X

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