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                                                                               WELDING  SUPPLIES

            GLOVES                                                       JACKETS

        SAFETY  Stick welding produces the most heat, sparks             • Bourbon brown premium Side split Cowhide jacket
             and spatter resulting in the need for gloves
             with more heat insulation. Since this process               • 30” length
                                                                         • One soapstone pocket on each sleeve
             requires less dexterity it allows the user to wear          • Outside pocket for small item storage
             gloves that are thicker and offer more heat protection.     • Underarm gusset for easier movement

             • Durable, blue, slightly select, good quality, affordable Shoulder Split Cowhide  • Sewn with Kevlar® thread throughout
             • 14” length  -  Reinforced thumb                            TIL 3280M      Cowhide Welding Jacket, Medium
             • Insulated with cotton, foam lined material for added heat protection  TIL 3280L  Cowhide Welding Jacket, Large
             • Durable welted fingers protect stitching and fingers from sparks and spatter  TIL 3280XL  Cowhide Welding Jacket, XL
             • Lock stitching with Kevlar thread for added strength       TIL 32802X     Cowhide Welding Jacket, 2X
             TIL 1018M              Blue Welders, Medium
                                                                          *also available sizes 3X through 5X
             TIL 1018L              Blue Welders, Large
             TIL 1018XL             Blue Welders, XL
             TIL 10182X             Blue Welders, 2X
                                                                            FR COTTON/LEATHER
               MIG                                                          Blue...

                                                                          Combination FR cotton torso and leather sleeves.
             Mig welding is the most popular weld for a broad range
             of applications. The heat levels are less than in            • Torso made from royal blue 9 oz., 100% cotton
             Stick welding and the user operates a welding                 Westex Proban FR7A
             gun with a trigger requiring more dexterity.                 • Sleeves made from specially tanned Side
             Mig gloves tend to be lighter weight than Stick               split Cowhide and sewn with Kevlar® thread
             gloves and most importantly have enhanced dexterity.        • Soapstone pocket on each sleeve
                                                                         • Spacious inside pocket for small item storage
             • Top grain Cowhide palm with Cowhide split reinforcements
                                                                         • 30” length
             • Cowhide split back with elastic for best fit
                                                                          TIL 9230M      FR Cotton/Leather, Medium
             • Seamless index finger for best feel
                                                                          TIL 9230L      FR Cotton/Leather, Large
             • Fleece lined for added insulation in hot or cold conditions without the bulk
             • 4” cuff for added protection                              TIL 9230XL      FR Cotton/Leather, XL
             • Sewn with Kevlar® for strength and heat resistance        TIL 92302X      FR Cotton/Leather, 2X
                                                                         TIL 92303X      FR Cotton/Leather, 3X
             TIL 50M        Top Grain/Split Back Mig, Med
                                                                         *Also available sizes 4X, 5X, 6X
             TIL 50L        Top Grain/Split Back Mig, Large
             TIL 50XL       Top Grain/Split Back Mig, XL

               MEDIUM DUTY
                                                                         Same item as above, except torso made from
             Tanner’s most popular welding blanket
                                                                         orange 9 oz., 100% cotton Westex®
             • 24 oz. gold, acrylic coated fiberglass.
                                                                         Proban FR7A
             • Medium duty, spark, spatter, abrasion. Not recommended for stress relief.
                                                                         TIL 9230DM     FR Cotton/Leather, Medium
             • 1000°F melt temp.  -   .034” thick.
                                                                         TIL 9230DL     FR Cotton/Leather, Large
                                                        Additional sizes  TIL 9230DXL   FR Cotton/Leather, XL
                                                        and 50 YD rolls   TIL 9230D2X   FR Cotton/Leather, 2X
             TIL 590B66     24 oz. Medium Duty Blanket, 6’ x 6’
                                                          available!    TIL 9230D3X     FR Cotton/Leather, 3X
             TIL 590B88     24 oz. Medium Duty Blanket, 8’ x 8’
                                                                        *Also available sizes 4X, 5X, 6X
             TIL 590B1010   24 oz. Medium Duty Blanket, 10’ x 10’
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