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                                                                                           FIRE BARRIER

              A new method for protecting construction joints and through-penetra-  Top-of-Wall
                                                                     Easy and fast application to top-of-wall
              tions from fire, water, smoke and sound.
        SAFETY  3M™ Fire and Water Barrier Tape                      “straight” joints. Can also be used on castle
                                                                     cut and fluted deck joints.
              3M™ Smoke and Sound Tape
              They’re tested and listed with both UL and Intertek to ASTM E2307,
              E1966and E814, and they meet the International Building Code. The  Wall-to-Wall
                                                                     Get the right coverage for your project with
              only products on the market that use patent-pending 3M  a range of tape widths for different gap
              technology to provide instant fire, water, smoke and sound  sizes.
              protection in convenient tape form.                    Perimeter Joints
                                                                     Flexible tapes conform to a variety of sur-
              Works on a Variety of Construction Joints
                                                                     faces and obstacles. Can be installed over
              1" overlap on either side of joint makes it easy to inspect. Easy to apply -
                                                                     mullions, anchors and other interferences.
              some creases, bubbles and wrinkles are okay. Minimizes waste by
                                                                     Air pockets created at 90° angles are okay.
              offering the correct width for the job (spray-applied products typically
              require 1/2" overlap but are often over-sprayed 1"-3" or more -
                                                                     Tape features elasticity to handle pipe
              resulting in wasted spray and lost profit).
                                                                     vibration. Elongation properties up to 500%.

                              Flexible & Strong                    Code Compliant                       Use in Extreme Conditions
                              Tape is tough and can be             Product has been                     High-tack adhesive is
                              stretched 500%. Great                specifically tested to the           effective in extreme
                              for rugged, demanding                rigors of UL and ASTM                temperatures and on
             construction joints - has tested and listed systems  standards. Designed to meet the International   damp surfaces. No need for special primers.
             with up to +/- 50% movement.         Building Code. Clear markings prove you're using an Surface should be free of frost and debris
                                                  approved product.

               FIRE AND WATER BARRIER TAPE                              SMOKE AND SOUND TAPE
            Ideal for sealing perimeter joints                       Ideal for providing a smoke and sound seal for
            (curtain wall joints) and other                          construction joints and through
            construction joints as well as some                      penetration applications in non-fire-rated
            through-penetration applications.                        wall and floor assemblies, including smoke
            When installed properly (using                           partitions and acoustic assemblies. When
            mineral wool or backer rod if needed),                   installed properly, this material is used to
            this tape acts as a barrier to fire, water,smoke and sound.  provide a smoke seal to mitigate the
            • Up to 4-hour fire protection in construction joints (ASTM E1966/UL 2079)  spread of smoke and toxic gas as well as
            • Up to 3-hour fire protection in perimeter joints (ASTM E2307)  help reduce the transmission of sound
            • Up to 2-hour fire protection in through-penetration applications  (refer to installation instructions - may require mineral wool or backer
             (ASTM E814/UL 1479)                                     rod to achieve STC ratings).
            • Great for water protection: meets UL Water Leakage Test, W Rating —
             Class 1 requirement; tested and immediately passed ASTM D 6904
             Rain Resistance Test
              ITEM CODE     WIDTH                                                      LENGTH                                                                                      ROLLS/ CASE                  ITEM CODE  WIDTH                                                      LENGTH                                                                                      ROLLS/ CASE
              3M 98233      2" (51 mm)     75' (22.8 m)                             24  3M 98239  2" (51 mm)     75' (22.8 m)                             24
              3M 98234      4" (101 mm)     75' (22.8 m)                             12  3M 98240  4" (101 mm)     75' (22.8 m)                             12
              3M 98238      8" (202 mm)     75' (22.8 m)  4             3M 98742      8" (202 mm)     75' (22.8 m)  4
              3M 98237      12" (303 mm)     75' (22.8 m)   4           3M 98743      12" (303 mm)     75' (22.8 m)   4
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