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            POWER TOOLS                        CORDLESS


             DEW DCB115                            DEW DCB119                            DEW DC9310
             12V MAX* - 20V MAX* Lithium Ion       12V - 20V MAX*                        7.2V-18V NiCd/NiMH/
             Battery Charger                       Lithium Ion Vehicle Battery Charger   Li-Ion Fast Charger
                                                   • Charges all DEWALT® 12V - 20V MAX* Li-Ion batteries   • Charges all DEWALT® 7.2V - 18V NiCd/NiMH/
                                                    from a vehicle's power outlet enabling batteries to be   Li-Ion batteries (except Univolt batteries) so only
            • Charges all DEWALT®                   charged while driving or on a jobsite
             12V - 20V MAX* Li-Ion batteries                                              one charger is needed for multiple products
                                                   • Quickly charges batteries:  DCB120 (12V MAX*, 1.3 Ah) –   • Charges the battery in 1 hour or less
            • Chargers the battery in 90 mins (DCB206) or less thus   40 min;   DCB201 (20V MAX*, 1.5 Ah) – 45 min; DCB200
             minimizing downtime                                                         • 3-stage charging system provides maximum
                                                    (20V MAX*, 3.0 Ah) – 90 min           run-time and extends life of the battery
            • Yellow LED illuminates for Hot/Cold Pack Delay
                                                   • Automatic shut-off protects excessive discharge of   • Diagnostics with LED indicator communicate battery
                           SPECIFICATIONS           vehicle's battery                     charge status: charged, charging, power line problem,
                           • Voltage  12V - 20V MAX*  • LED indicator communicates battery charge status:    replace pack, and
                           • Charge Time 1 hour or less          SPECIFICATIONS                       SPECIFICATIONS
                           • Compatible  DEWALT® 12V - 20V MAX*     charged, charging,    too hot or too   • Voltage  7.2V-18V
                           with                  Li-Ion batteries  power line problem,  • Voltage  12V - 20V MAX*  cold  • Compatible with  All 7.2-18 NiCd/NiMH/
                           • Tool Weight 1.23lbs    replace pack, and   • Charge Time  40 min - 90 min         Li-Ion batteries except
                                                                             12V -20V
                                                                 • Compatible with
                                                    battery too hot          MAX* Li-Ion batts.                for Univolt batteries
                                                    or too cold  • Tool Weight  1.44lbs              • Tool Weight  1.3 lbs.
             DEW DCR006                                              DEW DWST08810
             Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker                               ToughSystem Music + Charger
                                                                     • Premium sound, 1 Subwoofer,  4 full range Tweeters
                                                                     • Charging capability - built-in charger ensures
            The DCR006 Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker is powered by
                                                                      jobsite productivity by charging 12V MAX* and
            AC/DC and runs off of 12V and 20V DEWALT battery packs.
            • Compact size for improved portability and storage       20V MAX* DEWALT power tools
                                                                     • IP54 - Water & Dust resistance
            • Bluetooth 4.0 with up to 100 feet rangeAC /DC USB power and Aux Ports
                                    • Rubber overmold and feet       • Connectivity to Bluetooth®, 3.5mm Aux. Input,
                                                                      5V/1A USB charger
                                     SPECIFICATIONS                                                  SPECIFICATIONS
                                                                     • ToughSystem® Carrier cart compatible
                                     • (1) DCR006 Worksite Bluetooth Speaker                         • Weight   15.95lbs
                                     • (1) AC Power Adaptor          • Can be stacked to other ToughSystem® modules • Length in/mm  21 1/8"/539mm
                                                                     • Can run on a 12V MAX* or 20V MAX* DEWALT   • Height in/mm  6 1/8"/158mm
                                                                      Li-ion power tool battery or from outlet  • Width in/mm  14 1/2"/371mm


             DEW DCR015                                              DEW DCR018
             12V MAX* - 20V MAX*                                     18V/20V/12V Max*
             Worksite Charger/Radio                                  Compact Worksite Radio
             • Runs off 12V Max & 20V Max DEWALT batteries making
              it a cordless radio capable of running off rechargeable and reusable battery power
             • 2 amp charger for 12V Max & 20V Max DEWALT battery packs allow for quick charging     SPECIFICATIONS
             • 2 AC power outlets offer more versatility for job-site power  • Able to be powered by 18V NiCad/Li-Ion,  • Voltage  18V/20V/12V
             • USB port allows device to be charged via USB when radio is plugged into a wall outlet  12V Max* or 20V Max* DEWALT power tool  • Compatible with   18V/20V/12V
             • Auxiliary and USB ports allow for connection to CD, MP3, Portable   batteries making it compatible with DEWALT's  • Charge Time  NA
              Satellite Receivers, and other digital audio devices               largest systems of batteries  • Tool Weight  6 lbs
             • Device storage box protects electronic devices from job-site debris    • AC/DC Power can be powered by  Battery and Charger Sold Seperatly
              while plugged into Aux or USB ports                                AC power cord or DEWALT power tool batteries
             • Class D amplifier, woofers, and tweeters provide full range of high   • USB Power port allows device to be charged via USB if radio is
              and low sound for optimum sound quality                            plugged into AC wall outlet
                           SPECIFICATIONS                                       • 3.5 mm Aux. Input allows for connection to CD,
                           • Charge Time  90 Min Or Less                         MP3, Portable Satellite Receivers, and
                           • Tool Weight  13 lbs.
                                                                                 other digital audio devices (Aux cable included)
                                               email:        800 456-2658
                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                                 60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                 800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232  929 337-1821
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