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                                                                      COMBO KIT

              DEW DCA120                                              DEW DCK299D1T1
              Corded Power Supply ™                                   Hammerdrill & Impact Kit
              Adaptor                                                The DCK299D1T1 features our
                                                                     DCD996 20V MAX* 1/2" 3-Speed
             DCA120 Corded Power supply for 120V MAX*                Hammerdrill and DCF887 20V MAX*
             tools. Replaces the batteries on a 120V MAX* tool
                                                                     1/4" 3-Speed Impact Driver.
             to convert into corded for unlimited runtime.
             • Converts 120V MAX* Flexvolt tool into                  SPECIFICATIONS    KIT INCLUDES
                                                                     DCD996 20V MAX* XR   • DCB203 20V
              corded use for unlimited runtime
                                                                      1/2" Hammerdrill  MAX* XR 2.0AH
                                                                     • 3-Speed               0-2,000RPM  Lithium Ion
                                                                     • BPM                       0-38,250  Battery
                                                                     • Tool Weight         4.7 Lbs.  • DCB118 20V / 60V
                                                                     • Tool Length         8.4”  MAX* Fan-Cooled
                                                                                        Rapid Charger
              DEW DCL070                                             SPECIFICATIONS    • (2) Belt Hooks
                                                                     DCF887 20V MAX* XR
              20V Max* Corded/Cordless Bluetooth LED                  1/4" Impact Driver  • 360 Degree Side
                                                                     • Max Torque         0-3,250RPM  Handle
              Large Area Light w/Built-In Battery Charger            • Impacts                0-3,600 per min. • Contractor Bag
                                                                     • Tool Weight         3.4 Lbs.
              DEW DCL070T1                                           • Tool Length         5.3”

              20V Max* Corded/Cordless Bluetooth LED
              Large Area Light w/Built-In Battery Charger Kit

             The inconvenience of poorly lit jobsites and the hassles of   ROTARY HAMMERS
             extra-long extension cords are in the past with the 20V
             MAX* Bluetooth LED Large Area Light. Whether using it    DEW DCH481X2
             as a cordless light or charger, it helps to illuminate work   1-9/16" (40 MM) SDS Max
             areas with a maximum of 7,000 lumens. With AC/DC   SPECIFICATIONS
                                                 • Brightness                  Up To   60V Combination Hammer Kit
             capability, the light runs off any DEWALT 20V   7,000Lumens
             MAX* battery and can also charge DEWALT slide pack   • Bulb Type                       Led  The DCH481X2 is a light weight high-performance
             batteries when plugged into AC power. Batteries are   • Lighting Type  Area Light  hammer that is powered by a DEWALT brushless motor   SPECIFICATIONS
             protected via a door lock option, providing security   • Lumens                       5001 -10,000  • Blows/Min   3,150 BPM
                                                 • Power Tool Type  Corded/  and durable German engineered mechanism. The light   • Chipping   Yes
             with versatility. The light features instant on/off with   Cordless  weight design makes it ideally suited for horizontal   • Chisel Rotation True
             no warm-up, dimming as low as 500 lumens, right/left   • Tool Weight                27 Lbs.  serial drilling for #4 - #8 rebar, dry coring and chipping   • Chuck Type  SDS Max
             light head and is stackable with a wheel option for   KIT INCLUDES   in any mid to upper wall and ceiling application.   • Clutch  E-Clutch &
             convenient storage. Users can connect multiple Large   • (1) 6.0AH Battery  • 6.1J's of impact energy - corded power without the cord  Integral
             Area Lights for added illumination or to power a corded   • (1) Charger  • E-Clutch for maximum control in bind-up situations   Mechanical
             tool. The 20V MAX* Bluetooth LED Large Area Light                                             • Vibration
                                                                     • SHOCKS - Active Vibration Control reduces vibration felt  Measurement     9.4
             (DCL070) works in conjunction with the expanded DEWALT Tool Connect App   by the user at the handles.  • No Load Speed 540RPM
             allowing it to be controlled from a users smartphone or tablet. In addition to the            • Optimal Concrete
                                                                     • Two 20V/60V MAX* FLEXVOLT 9.0Ah Batteries
             convenience of the Tool Connect app, the light can be programmed to turn on                     Drilling         1/2 - 1-1/8”
             or off at scheduled times automatically.                                                      • Chargers              DCB609
                                                                                                           • Batteries              DCB118
             • LED MAX Lumens of 7000                                       DEW DCH481B                    • Tool Weight        11.90”
             • Stack abilitiy - Stack lights for easy storage and convenience on the job  1-9/16" (40 MM) SDS Max  • Tool Length        19.75”
             • AC Outlets - Provdies flexbility                                                            INCLUDES
              and convenience to daisy chain                                60V Combination Hammer         • Side Handle
              lights or power for corded tool                               Bare Tool
             • On-board charger with door
              lock option
             • Stackable w/wheel kit option
             • DEWALT Tool Connect ablitity
             to control light through your
              smart phone
             • AC outlets to daisy chain multiple
             lights or power a corded tool

                                               email:        800 456-2658
                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                                 60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                 800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232  929 337-1821
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