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                ANNULAR CUTTERS

               HIGH SPEED                                              CARBIDE TIPPED

              • Broadest range of HSS annular cutters available with exclusive Plus20    • Superior “Triple-Edge” cutting action outperforms ordinary high-speed steel
               surface treatment                                        annular cutters and twist drills 6 to 1
                                                                       • Cuts holes in cast iron, steel, and ultra-hard or exotic alloys in magnetic drill presses
              • Provides cleaner cuts, positive slug ejection, and long tool life
                                                                       • Ultra-hard tungsten carbide teeth for faster cutting
              • RotoBrute Plus20 cutters perform up to three times longer,  if used with
                                                                       • "Weldon-Style" flats for fast loading and better rigidity
               cutting fluid,  proper speeds and feeds and not subjected to user abuse  • Cut clean, burr free holes
              • Unique combination of geometry, metallurgy & special surface treatment   • Available in 1-3/8”, 2”, 3” and 4” depth of cut
              • Only the periphery of the hole is cut, the pilot pin ejects the   ITEM CODE                                      ITEM CODE                                       ITEM CODE  ITEM CODE
               center as a plug of steel.                               CT150-1-3/8” DEPTH  CT200-2” DEPTH  CT300-3” DEPTH  CT400-4” DEPTH
                                                                        CHA CT150-1/2   CHA CT200-1/2
                                                                        CHA CT150-9/16                  CHA CT200-9/16
               ITEM CODE                                                 ITEM CODE                                             ITEM CODE  CHA CT150-5/8                CHA CT200-5/8
               XL100 -1” DEPTH  XL200-2” DEPTH  XL300-3” DEPTH
                                                                        CHA CT150-11/16  CHA CT200-11/16
               CHA XL100-7/16  CHA XL200-7/16
                                                                        CHA CT150-3/4  CHA CT200-3/4  CHA CT300-3/4  CHA CT400-3/4
               CHA XL100-1/2  CHA XL200-1/2
                                                                        CHA CT150-13/16  CHA CT200-13/16  CHA CT300-13/16  CHA CT400-13/16
               CHA XL100-9/16  CHA XL200-9/16
                                                                        CHA CT150-7/8  CHA CT200-7/8  CHA CT300-7/8  CHA CT400-7/8
               CHA XL100-5/8  CHA XL200-5/8
                                                                        CHA CT150-15/16  CHA CT200-15/16  CHA CT300-15/16  CHA CT400-15/16
               CHA XL100-11/16  CHA XL200-11/16
                                                                        CHA CT150-1  CHA CT200-1  CHA CT300-1  CHA CT400-1
               CHA XL100-3/4  CHA XL200-3/4  CHA XL300-3/4
                                                                        CHA CT150-1-1/8  CHA CT200-1-1/8  CHA CT300-1-1/8  CHA CT400-1-1/8
               CHA XL100-13/16  CHA XL200-13/16  CHA XL300-13/16
                                                                        CHA CT150-1-3/16  CHA CT200-1-3/16  CHA CT300-1-3/16  CHA CT400-1-3/16
               CHA XL100-7/8  CHA XL200-7/8  CHA XL300-7/8
                                                                        CHA CT150-1-1/4  CHA CT200-1-1/4  CHA CT300-1-1/4  CHA CT400-1-1/4
               CHA XL100-15/16  CHA XL200-15/16  CHA XL300-15/16
                                                                        CHA CT150-1-5/16  CHA CT200-1-5/16  CHA CT300-1-5/16  CHA CT400-1-5/16
               CHA XL100-1   CHA XL200-1   CHA XL300-1
                                                                        CHA CT150-1-3/8  CHA CT200-1-3/8  CHA CT300-1-3/8  CHA CT400-1-3/8
               CHA XL100-1-1/16  CHA XL200-1-1/16  CHA XL300-1-1/16
                                                                        CHA CT150-1-1/2  CHA CT200-1-1/2  CHA CT300-1-1/2  CHA CT400-1-1/2
               CHA XL100-1-1/8  CHA XL200-1-1/8  CHA XL300-1-1/8
                                                                        CHA CT150-1-9/16  CHA CT200-1-9/16
               CHA XL100-1-3/16  CHA XL200-1-3/16  CHA XL300-1-3/16  • Cutters available up
                                                                                    CHA CT200-1-5/8  CHA CT300-1-5/8  CHA CT400-1-5/8
               CHA XL100-1-1/4  CHA XL200-1-1/4  CHA XL300-1-1/4  to 4” diameter.
                                                                                    CHA CT200-1-3/4  CHA CT300-1-3/4  CHA CT400-1-3/4
               CHA XL100-1-5/16  CHA XL200-1-5/16  CHA XL300-1-5/16  • All cutters have a
                                                                                    CHA CT200-2  CHA CT300-2  CHA CT400-2
               CHA XL100-1-3/8  CHA XL200-1-3/8  CHA XL300-1-3/8  3/4” shank.
                                                                                    CHA CT200-2-1/8  CHA CT300-2-1/8
               CHA XL100-1-7/16  CHA XL200-1-7/16  CHA XL300-1-7/16  • All Cutters and Pilot
                                                                                    CHA CT200-2-1/4  CHA CT300-2-1/4
               CHA XL100-1-1/2  CHA XL200-1-1/2  CHA XL300-1-1/2  Pins packaged
                                                                                    CHA CT200-2-3/8*  CHA CT300-2-3/8*
                                                                                    CHA CT200-2-1/2*  CHA CT300-2-1/2*
                                                                                    CHA CT200-2-5/8*  CHA CT300-2-5/8*  • * 1-1/4”
                                                                                    CHA CT200-2-3/4*  CHA CT300-2-3/4*  shanks
               ROTOBRUTE HS PILOT PINS                                              CHA CT200-3*  CHA CT300-3*        • All annular
                                                                                    CHA CT200-3-1/4*  CHA CT300-3-1/4*
                                                      Rotobrute pins slide through                                    cutters
                                                                                    CHA CT200-3-1/2*  CHA CT300-3-1/2*
                                                      the center of the cutters to;                                   packaged
               ITEM CODE      DESCRIPTION                                           CHA CT200-4*  CHA CT300-4*        individually.
                                                      • Help the operator set the
               CHA XL100P     Pilot Pin for XL100
               CHA XL200P     Pilot Pin for XL200     precise location to drill  ROTOBRUTE CT PILOT PINS
               CHA XL300P     Pilot Pin for XL300     • Guide a steady flow of
                                                      fluid to the cutting edges
               CHA XL100P-7/16  Pilot Pin for CHA XL100-7/16           ITEM CODE       DESCRIPTION
                                                      • Eject the slug when the
               CHA XL200P-7/16  Pilot Pin for CHA XL200-7/16           CHA CT150P      5/16" diameter pilot pins for CT150 cutters
                                                      cutter has completed the hole
                                                                       CHA CT150-PIN   Pilot pins for CT150 9/16" and 5/8" cutters
                                                                       CHA CT200P      5/16" diameter pilot pins for CT200 cutters
                                                                       CHA CT200-PIN   Pilot pins for CT200 9/16" and 5/8" cutters
                                                                       CHA CT300P      5/16" diameter pilot pins for CT300 cutters
                                                                       CHA CT400P      5/16" diameter pilot pins for CT400 cutters
               Carbide tipped “stack cut” annular cutters feature a special
               tooth grind which enables drilling multiple plates at one time,      ITEM CODE CT150STK                             DIAMETER          ITEM CODE CT200STK    DIAMETER
               without stopping to remove center plugs.Used with all magnetic       CHA CT150STK-5/8  5/8”                   CHA CT200STK-13/16  13/16”
               drills in steel fabrication, truck and trailer frame drilling        CHA CT150STK-11/16  11/16”  CHA CT200STK-7/8  7/8”
                                                                                    CHA CT150STK-3/4  3/4”  CHA CT200STK-15/16  15/16”
              CT150STK                      CT200STK                                CHA CT150STK-13/16  13/16”  CHA CT200STK-1  1”
                                                                                    CHA CT150STK-7/8  7/8”  CHA CT200STK-1-1/16  1-1/16”
              Drills multiple plates up to 1-3/8” depth.  Cuts up to 2” depth. Effective with   CHA CT150STK-15/16  15/16”  CHA CT200STK-1-1/8  1-1/8”
              Often used when drilling multiple truck  RB32, RB32VSR, RB45, RB65E, AC35  CHA CT150STK-1  1”  CHA CT200STK-1-3/16  1-3/16”
              frames. CT150STK together with RB30   and AC50 magnetic drill presses.                    CHA CT200STK-1-1/4  1-1/4”
              maximize cutting performance
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