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        CUTTING TOOLS &ABRASIVES  308 High Speed Hand Taps perform consistently in production set-ups   CS21 - Economy grade spiral point taps
             HIGH SPEED TAPS  308
                                                                       SPIRAL POINT TAPS  CS21/321/XL22

            and are designed for general purpose tapping in a variety of materials.
                                                                     321 - Champion Spiral Point Taps are commonly referred to as "gun" taps.
            They are supplied in standard "H" limits that will provide an adequate
                                                                     Spiral point taps cut with a shearing action that "shoots" the chip ahead of
            "class of fit" for standard tapping applications.
                                                                     the tap. Supplied in standard "H" limits and the most common plug style.
                                                                     • Shallow straight flutes for a sturdy rigid design, minimizing tap breakage.
            • Cut smoothly and thread more holes per tap set-up.
            • Manufactured with form relieved threads that reduce friction and wear.
                                                                     • Engineered specifically for tapping of "through holes" or deep blind holes
            Please specify  P (Plug), T (Taper), or B (Bottom) when ordering.
                                                                      where a shoulder exists for chips to collect.
                                                                     XL22 - The Brute Platinum XL22 is a three flute, plug style, heavy duty,
            P- most commonly used, distribute the load across 3-5 threads of chamfer
                                                                     surfaced treated tap, with a necked shank made from special steel.
            T- distribute the load across 7-10 threads. For starting a hole.
                                                                     • Necked design for deeper, trouble-free tapping.
            B- have only 1 to 1-1/2 threads of chamfer.  To tap to
                                                                     • Necked shank allows freer coolant flow to cutting edges.
              bottom of a blind hole.
                                                                     • Heavier core than conventional two flute taps,
                                                                      for less breakage.
             Plug - 3 to 5 pitches  Taper - 7 to10 pitches  Bottom - 1 to 2 pitches  • 3 flutes for 50% less tooth load than
                                                                      ordinary spiral point taps.
                              The taper chamfer has the longest  For threading close to the bottom
             The most common chamfer for use
             by hand or machine in through or  standard chamfer ensuring easier  of blind holes, the bottoming
             blind holes This chamfer is more   starting. It requires less taping torque  chamfer is the least efficient chamfer
             efficient than a bottoming chamfer.  because of more working teeth.  available.
                                                                           GOOD          BETTER         BEST
             ITEM CODE                                              ITEM CODE   ITEM CODE     ITEM CODE                                              ITEM CODE   ITEM CODE
             PLUG                                                         TAPER  BOTTOM         CS21                                                          321  XL22
             CHA 308-4-40-P  CHA 308-4-40-T  CHA 308-4-40-B                         CHA 321-4-40  CHA XL22-4-40
             CHA 308-6-32-P  CHA 308-6-32-T  CHA 308-6-32-B           CHA CS21-6-32  CHA 321-6-32  CHA XL22-6-32
             CHA 308-8-32-P  CHA 308-8-32-T  CHA 308-8-32-B           CHA CS21-8-32  CHA 321-8-32  CHA XL22-8-32
             CHA 308-10-24-P  CHA 308-10-24-T  CHA 308-10-24-B        CHA CS21-10-24  CHA 321-10-24  CHA XL22-10-24
             CHA 308-10-32-P  CHA 308-10-32-T  CHA 308-10-32-B        CHA CS21-10-32  CHA 321-10-32  CHA XL22-10-32
             CHA 308-12-24-P  CHA 308-12-24-T  CHA 308-12-24-B        CHA CS21-12-24  CHA 321-12-24  CHA XL22-12-24
             CHA 308-1/4-20-P  CHA 308-1/4-20-T  CHA 308-1/4-20-B     CHA CS21-1/4-20  CHA 321-1/4-20  CHA XL22-1/4-20
             CHA 308-1/4-28-P  CHA 308-1/4-28-T  CHA 308-1/4-28-B     CHA CS21-1/4-28  CHA 321-1/4-28  CHA XL22-1/4-28
             CHA 308-5/16-18-P  CHA 308-5/16-18-T  CHA 308-5/16-18-B  CHA CS21-5/16-18  CHA 321-5/16-18  CHA XL22-5/16-18
             CHA 308-5/16-24-P  CHA 308-5/16-24-T  CHA 308-5/16-24-B  CHA CS21-5/16-24  CHA 321-5/16-24  CHA XL22-5/16-24
             CHA 308-3/8-16-P  CHA 308-3/8-16-T  CHA 308-3/8-16-B     CHA CS21-3/8-16  CHA 321-3/8-16  CHA XL22-3/8-16
             CHA 308-3/8-24-P  CHA 308-3/8-24-T  CHA 308-3/8-24-B     CHA CS21-3/8-24  CHA 321-3/8-24  CHA XL22-3/8-24
             CHA 308-7/16-14-P  CHA 308-7/16-14-T  CHA 308-7/16-14-B  CHA CS21-7/16-14  CHA 321-7/16-14  CHA XL22-7/16-14
             CHA 308-7/16-20-P  CHA 308-7/16-20-T  CHA 308-7/16-20-B  CHA CS21-7/16-20  CHA 321-7/16-20  CHA XL22-7/16-20
             CHA 308-1/2-13-P  CHA 308-1/2-13-T  CHA 308-1/2-13-B     CHA CS21-1/2-13  CHA 321-1/2-13  CHA XL22-1/2-13
             CHA 308-1/2-20-P  CHA 308-1/2-20-T  CHA 308-1/2-20-B     CHA CS21-1/2-20  CHA 321-1/2-20  CHA XL22-1/2-20
             CHA 308-5/8-11-P  CHA 308-5/8-11-T  CHA 308-5/8-11-B                   CHA 321-5/8-11  CHA XL22-5/8-11
             CHA 308-5/8-18-P  CHA 308-5/8-18-T  CHA 308-5/8-18-B                   CHA 321-5/8-18  CHA XL22-5/8-18
             CHA 308-3/4-10-P  CHA 308-3/4-10-T  CHA 308-3/4-10-B                   CHA 321-3/4-10  CHA XL22-3/4-10
             CHA 308-3/4-16-P  CHA 308-3/4-16-T  CHA 308-3/4-16-B                   CHA 321-3/4-16  CHA XL22-3/4-16
             • 4-40 through 1/2"- 12 per pack, 5/8” and 3/4”- 3 per pack  • 4-40 through 1/2"- 12 per pack,    5/8” and 3/4”- 3 per pack   • CS21-all 3 per pack
             METRIC HIGH SPEED TAPS       308M                        METRIC SPIRAL POINT TAPS       321M

             ITEM  CODE   ITEM  CODE                                  ITEM  CODE   ITEM  CODE
             308M                                                   308M                                                    321M                                                   321M
             CHA 308M-3 x .5  CHA 308M-10 x 1.5                       CHA 321M-3 x .5  CHA 321M-10 x 1.5
             CHA 308M-3.5 x .6  CHA 308M-12 x 1.25                    CHA 321M-3.5 x .6  CHA 321M-12 x 1.25
             CHA 308M-4 x .7  CHA 308M-12 x 1.75                      CHA 321M-4 x .7  CHA 321M-12 x 1.75
             CHA 308M-4.5 x .75  CHA 308M-14 x 1.5                    CHA 321M-4.5 x .75  CHA 321M-14 x 1.5
             CHA 308M-5 x .8  CHA 308M-14 x 2                         CHA 321M-5 x .8  CHA 321M-14 x 2
             CHA 308M-6 x 1  CHA 308M-16 x 1.5                        CHA 321M-6 x 1  CHA 321M-16 x 1.5
             CHA 308M-7 x 1  CHA 308M-16 x 2                          CHA 321M-7 x 1  CHA 321M-16 x 2
             CHA 308M-8 x 1.0  CHA 308M-18 x 1.5                      CHA 321M-8 x 1.0  CHA 321M-18 x 1.5
             CHA 308M-8 x 1.25  CHA 308M-20 x 2.5                     CHA 321M-8 x 1.25  CHA 321M-20 x 2.5
             CHA 308M-10 x 1.25                                       CHA 321M-10 x 1.25

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