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                                                         CUTTING  TOOLS& ABRASIVES

        CUTTING TOOLS &ABRASIVES  Diamond blades cut cast iron 3 times faster than competitive blades.  Lasts Longer   Nickel alloy brazed diamond particles maintain sharpness
              RECIPROCATING SAW BLADES  Specialty
                   A complete line of blades designed for difficult to cut materials
                                                                     to keep cutting after conventional carbide grit fail
                   including cast iron, cement board and fiberglass. LENOX
                                                                     Cuts 3X Faster*   A narrow kerf design enables thinner, faster cuts
                                                                     Straight, Clean Cuts   Unlike bulky snap
                                                                     cutters, which crush pipes and leave ragged,
             CARBIDE GRIT
                                                                     uneven cuts, LENOX Diamond cuts clean.
             High Performance In Abrasive Materials   Cuts through
             tough materials that resist chip-forming, including
                                                                     extra stability
             ceramics, pipe, man-made stone, brick, marble, and more
                                                                     * Speed measured cutting 4" cast iron pipe at
                                                                     maximum speed vs. leading competitor.
             Smooth, Quick Cuts   Uniformly applied, durable carbide   Durable chrome alloy backing steel provides
             grit particles on a flexible blade provide fast cuts without
             snagging or binding

                      ITEM CODE
                      2/PACK  LENGTH           WIDTH          THICKNESS               APPLICATIONS
                                                                               ITEM CODE
                     LEN 600RG  6”  3/4”  .032”  Fiberglass, Ceramic Tile, Cultured   1/PACK  LENGTH           WIDTH          THICKNESS               APPLICATIONS
                     LEN 800RG  8”  3/4”  .040”  Marble, Clays, Brick          LEN 800RDG  8”  3/4”  .040”  Cast Iron,  Tile, Brick
                     LEN 100RG  10”  3/4”  .050”                                                         and Natural Stone

             CARBIDE TIPPED
                                                                     DOUBLE TANG DIAMOND          ™
             Versatile & Effective   Cuts tough materials
             including cement board, cast aluminum, pressure         Dual Tang   Allows end user to flip blade around reducing amount of
             treated wood, engineered lumber, and more               waster grit and maximizing cost per cut
             Engineered for Faster Performance   Triple chip tooth design cuts 25%  Lasts 6X Longer  Diamond grit cutting edge and dual tangs provide
             faster than standard carbide blades and provides fatigue resistance  longer life than standard carbide grit blades

                      ITEM CODE
                      1/PACK  LENGTH           WIDTH          THICKNESS     TPI       APPLICATIONS  ITEM CODE
                     LEN 8535RCT  8”  3/4”  .050”            3 Fiberglass, Particle Board,    1/PACK  LENGTH           WIDTH          THICKNESS               APPLICATIONS
                     LEN 6565RCT  6”  3/4”  .050”            6 PressureTreated Woods,   LEN 1766338  9”  3/4”  .042”  Cast Iron, Tile, Brick
                     LEN 6563RCT  6”  3/4”  .050”            6 Plywood, Cast Aluminum  LEN 1766356  11”  3/4”  .042”  and Natural Stone

                   Choose an economical 5  or 9 piece
                   vinyl pouch containing the most
            widely used 4” and 6” blades or select from
            two hard cover, reusable kit boxes containing
            the most popular 6” blades.                      CODE                           CONTAINS
                                                            LEN 546A  5 Pc.,   One each of blades 414R, 418R, 614R, 618R, 656R, Vinyl Pouch
                                                            LEN 9KPE  9 Pc.,   One each of blades 960R,  Two each of blades 656R, 624R, 818R, 810R, Vinyl Pouch
                                                            LEN 12RKD  12 Pc., Two each of blades 9114R, 966R, 960R, Three each of blades 6066R, 6114R
                                                            LEN 10734  15 Pc., Five each of blades 614R, 618R, 656R, Plastic Case
                                                            LEN 24RKG
                                                                     24 Pc., Five each of blades 656R, 610R, 614R, 618R and Two each of blades 6114R, 6066R, Plastic Case

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