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        CUTTING TOOLS &ABRASIVES  Below is an example of a label that can be found on United Abrasives’  pertinent information he needs to operate the wheel.  All of the labels are
             GRINDING WHEELS

             wheels. It is important to include as much information as
                                                                             baked on the wheels during the manufacturing process, so the
                                                                                   label remains intact throughout the life of the wheel.
             possible on the labels so the end user has the

                ANSI marking system to
                identify wheel type
                                                                                                      Short application

                General description
                of wheel                                                                              description
                                                                                                      Max RPMs
                                                                                                      (revolutions per
                                                                                                      minute) that wheel
                                                                                                      can be used
                Size of Wheel

                Tool icon for
                ease of selecting
                                                                                                      UPC  Bar Code

                                                                                                   Arbor size/
                                                                                                   Product Number
                 Safety Information

             COLOR CODING SYSTEM                                     ANSI STANDARD MARKING SYSTEM
            UA uses a color coding system to identify product applications. The purpose  The following chart is an example of the ANSI standard marking system for
            is to provide a consistent and easy reference for application from catalog to  identifying grinding wheels and other bonded abrasives.
            end user. The application boxes below are located next to every product to
            identify the proper uses.                                   A                                   24                                  R                           BF
                                                                    Primary grain   Size of the abrasive grain  Hardness of   Type of
             METAL        STAINLESS    ALUMINUM      CONCRETE
                                                                    used to     Coarse  Medium  Fine  Very Fine the bond  bond used
            Red:          Blue:        Gray:         Green:         make the wheel  8  30  70  220  Soft   Medium   Hard  B    Resinoid
            For use on    For use on   Non-ferrous   For use on     A = Aluminum   10  36  80  240              BF Resinoid
            applications on   stainless and/or   metals (copper,  applications   Oxide  12  46  90  280  A     N     R     T     Z  Reinforced
            ferrous and/or  other high   aluminum,   on one or more   C = Silicon     14  54  100 320           E    Shellac
            non-ferrous   tensile metals  brass, etc.)  of the following:   Carbide  16  60  120 400            O    Oxychloride
            metals (steel,                           concrete, masonry,  Z = Alumina   20  150 500              R    Rubber
            iron, angle iron,                        stone, brick      Zirconium  24      180 600               RF  Rubber
            welds, aluminum,                                        SG = Ceramic                                   Reinforced
            brass, bronze, etc.)                                        Abrasive                                S     Silicate
                                                                        Grain                                   V     Vitrified

             EXCLUSIVE 5/8-11 SUPER-LOCK HUB
            Super-Lock combines a mechanically interlocked  transverse key   depend  upon two-part epoxy,which can fail in many instances due to
            lock system and uses a unique two- part bonding system to give it
                                                                       poor surface preparation, improper curing conditions, incorrect ratio of
            superior performance capabilities. Other manufacturers use hubs that
                                                                    catalyst and epoxy, or the quantity of epoxy material applied.
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