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             CARRYMATE TRANSPORT GRIPS               CARRYMATE    ®
              Get A Grip
              Alleviate the time-consuming and strenuous task of unloading and transporting
              heavy materials to their installation sites.  Carrymate Transport Grips are used in
              pairs and each grip is capable of lifting up to 220 lbs
              • Point of contact to the material can be wherever it is most suitable for the
               user‘s height
              • Both users can walk forward and face the direction they are going in
              • Users lifting arm remains straight, more relaxed, and is easy on your back
              • Other hand is free to support material or move obstacles to the side (open doors, etc.)
              • Clamping system self-adjusts to the width of the material and holds securely
              • All parts of the Grips that touch the load are covered with a special coating so that even the
               most polished materials will not be scratched.
              • Ergonomically designed carrying grip provides a secure hold and even during turns and
               swivels the user can easily hold on to the load.

              CARRYMATE 5                                              CARRYMATE T-GRIPS
             • CAR CM5                                                 CARRYMATE® T-Grips enable four users to carry heavy loads, allowing for a
             • Non-Slip Safety Grip, 0 - 3.15" Grip Range*             more even weight distribution with two operators per grip.
                                                                       • Self-adjusting clamps available in three sizes for different material widths
              CARRYMATE SENIOR
                                                                       • Each set of grips can hold up to 440lbs.
             • CAR CM-SEN
             • Non-Slip Safety Grip, 1.6 - 4.7" Grip Range*             CARRYMATE TG80
                                                                       • CAR TG80
              CARRYMATE XL                                             • Span width 0-3.15”
             • CAR CM-XL                                                CARRYMATE TG120
             • Non-Slip Safety Grip, 3.2 - 6.3" Grip Range*
                                                                       • CAR TG120
             * 440 lb. capacity per pair---Sold in pairs only
                                                                       • Span width 1.6-4.7”
              CARRYMATE X                                               CARRYMATE TG160
             • CAR CM-X                                                • CAR TG160
             • 8 Replacement Rubbers                                   • Span width 3.2-6.3”


              WPG 8" FLAT                                               WPG 10" CONCAVE
             With Metal Handle                                         With Metal Handle
             The standard tool of the glass industry, the N4950 Vacuum Cup   Designed for use with curved or bent glass, the
             features an all-metal pump and handle for maximum durability   concave vacuum pad of the N6450 Vacuum Cup is
             in the shop or at the installation site. Its flat vacuum pad is   indispensable for lifting all kinds of rounded loads,
             ideal for handling all kinds of windows and other flat glass   with radii as small as 13".  Although distorting
             products.  Also available with textured surface pad for handling pattern glass.  forces are minor, it is not recommended for use
             • Fast attachment on smooth, nonporous flat surfaces.     on thin, fragile materials.
             • Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss.
                                                                                               MIN. RADIUS FOR
             • Check valve allows re-pumping without loss of remaining vacuum.  ITEM   DIAMETER                                          CURVED LOAD  LOAD
                                                                       CODE        INCH                            CM                   INCH              MM  CAPACITY
             • Release valve lever permits quick and complete release.  WPG N4950  Flat 8”                 20  125 lbs.
                                                                       WPG N6450   Concave 10”      25              13”            330                           175 lbs.
             • Supplied with protective carrying case.
                                                email:        800 456-2658
                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                                 60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                 800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232  929 337-1821
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