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              PRIMERS                                                  SPRAYON    ®

                                                                        WL 740
                                                                        Zinc Rich Galvanizing Compound
                                                                       Sprayon's welding products are carefully formulated
              FEATURE    PRIMER                                        to meet more specialized maintenance needs.These
              Type:      Alkyd                                         welding formulas meet tough industry specifications
              Finish:    Flat
              Net Weight:  12 oz.                                      and offer high corrosion resistance across a multitude of
              Drying time                    @ 70°F@50% RH             applications.
              To Touch:  12 minutes
              To Handle:  1 hour                                       WL740 - Zinc Rich Galvanizing Compound contains 97%
              Max Hardness:  30 minutes                                pure zinc dust pigment and fuses zinc to
              Coverage:  15-20 sq. ft.
              Recoat:    Anytime                                       the metal substrate protecting against corrosion equal
              Temp. Resistance:  Up to 300°F                           to or better than hot dipped galvanize.
              Gas & Oil Resistance: Stains  ITEM CODE  DESCRIPTION
              Clean-Up:                 KRY K01314  Platinum Primer    • 97% Pure Zinc Dust; Stops Rust
              Wet:       Mineral Spirits  KRY K01315  White Primer
              Dry:       Lacquer Thinner  KRY K01316  Black Primer     • Low VOC
              Shelf Life:  3 years from date   KRY K01317  Ruddy Brown Primer  • Non Sagging Formula
              of manufacture            KRY K01318  Gray Primer                                   ITEM CODE  DESCRIPTION                                   SIZE
                                                                       • Meets Mil-P-26915D
                                                                                                  KRY S00740  Aerosol                                14 oz.


              • VOC compliant, acrylic lacquer formula
              • Maximum coverage, excellent adhesion
              • Dries fast, 12 minutes to the touch
              • Tough, high-gloss finish

              KRY K01301  Crystal Clear
              KRY K01501  Gloss White
              KRY K01502  Flat White
              KRY K01506  Almond
              KRY K01508  Semi-Gloss White
              KRY K01601  Gloss Black
              KRY K01602  Ultra Flat Black
              KRY K01604  Shadow Gray
              KRY K01605  Stone Gray
              KRY K01606  Pewter Gray
              KRY K01608  Smoke Gray
              KRY K01613  Semi-Gloss Black
              KRY K01806  Sun Yellow
              KRY K01813  Safety Yellow
              KRY K01901  Regal Blue
              KRY K01910  True (Safety) Blue
              KRY K01913  Purple (Safety)
              KRY K02001  Hunter Green
              KRY K02016  Emerald (Safety) Green  PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
              KRY K02101  Cherry Red          FEATURE   ENAMEL     FEATURE    ENAMEL
              KRY K02108  Banner (Safety) Red  Type:    Acrylic Lacquer  Temp. Resistance:  < 150°F
              KRY K02501  Leather Brown       Finish:   High Gloss  Primer:   Recommended
              KRY K02504  Khaki (Beige)       Net Weight:  12 oz.  Gas & Oil Resistance: Film softens
                                              Drying time                  @ 70°F@50% RH   after 15 minutes
                                              To Touch:  12 minutes  Clean-Up:
                                              To Handle:  30 minutes  Wet:    Lacquer Thinner
                                              Max Hardness:  30 minutes  Dry:  Lacquer Thinner
                                              Coverage:  15-20 sq. ft.  Shelf Life:  3 years from
                                              Recoat:   Anytime               date of

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