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             BRIDGING CONNECTORS                                       directly against  adjacent studs

              SUBH/MSUBH                                               • MSUBH accommodates back-to-back built-up members ranging from
                                                                        33 mil (20 ga.) to 54 mil (16 ga.)
               The latest innovations from Simpson Strong-Tie for cold-formed steel (CFS)
                                                                       Codes: IAPMO UES ER-124
               framing are the SUBH and MSUBH wall stud bridging connectors. Through
               enhanced product design, these connectors can reduce labor costs and   Compact Geometry   Web Slots
                                                                       Facilities efficient              Offers strong rotational resistance
               increase installation productivity.                     installation in                   without the use of screws
               Features:                                                                                      Embossments
                                                                       1.5” web knockouts                     Enhance connector strength
               • Installed easily by a single installer, many applications require only 1 screw
                                                                       Contoured Flanges                      and stiffness
               • Tested to include stud-web strength and               Fits snug over
                                                   SUBH installed                                           Dual Installation Options
                stiffness in the tabulated design values               industry-standard                    For maximum design and
                                                                       1.5” wide u-channels                 application flexibilty
               • Design values ensure compliance with AISI S100 Sections
                D3.2.1 and D3.3  for axially and laterally loaded studs  ITEM CODE       MATERIAL      FINISH       QTY.
                                                                        SIM SUBH3.25-R150  18 ga. carbon steel  Galvanized  150
               • Flexible design solutions for web thicknesses of 33 mil
                                                                        SIM MSUBH3.25-R100  14 ga. carbon steel  Galvanized  100
                (20 ga.) through 97 mil (12 ga.) & stud sizes from 3 5/8" to 8"  Please contact a Tanner Sales Representative for strength and stiffness specifications and other important
               • Compact profile allows standard 1-5/8" studs to be sistered  installation information

                                                                        ITEM         CONNECTOR MATERIAL  LENGTH                CONNECTOR        FINISH                       SCREW
             CURTAIN WALL CLIPS FOR CFS CONSTRUCTION                    CODE         THICKNESS MIL (GA.)  QTY.       QTY.
                                                                        SIM SCB43.5-KT  54 (16)  3-1/2"  25               Galvanized  55
              SCB/MSCB                                                  SIM SCB45.5-KT  54 (16)  3-1/2"  25  Galvanized  83
                                                                        SIM MSCB45.5-KT  68 (14)  5-1/2"  25  Galvanized  83
               The SCB/MSCB slide-clip connectors are high-performance connectors for   SIM SCB47.5-KT  54 (16)  7-1/2"  25  Galvanized  83
               bypass framing applications designed to reduce design time and overall   SIM MSCB47.5-KT  68 (14)  7-1/2"  25  Galvanized  83
                                                                        SIM SCB49.5-KT  54 (16)  9-1/2"  25  Galvanized  83
               installed cost.  The SCB/MSCB can accommodate applications that typically
                                                                        SIM SCB411.5-KT  54 (16)  11-1/2"  25  Galvanized  83
               require two parts with a single connector, reducing material and labor cost.
                                                                       Please contact a Tanner Sales Representative for allowable connector and anchorage loads and other
               These connectors are manufactured in five different lengths to accommodate important installation information
               a variety of stand-off conditions and steel-stud sizes.
               Features:                                               SCB/MSCB Anchorage Type:   Installation for SCB/MSCB & SCW:
               • Provides a full 1" of both upward and downward movement  • #12-14 Self-Drilling Screws   • Use the specified type and number
               • The precision-manufactured shouldered screws provided with the SCB/MSCB   (as supplied)  of anchors.
                connector prevent overdriving and to ensure the clip functions properly  • .300 Head Drive Pins .145 Shank Dia.   • Use the specified number of #14
               • Strategically placed stiffeners, embossments and anchor holes maximize   Powder-Actuated Fasteners  shouldered screws (included).
                connector performance                                  • 1/4” x 1-3/4” Hex Head Wedge Bolt+  Install shouldered screws in the slots
               • Simpson Strong-Tie "No-Equal" stamps mark the center of the slots to              adjacent to the "No-Equal" stamp.
                help ensure correct shouldered-screw placement                                    • Use a maximum of 1 screw per slot.
               Codes: SCB—IAPMO UES ER-238; MSCB—Testing performed in
                accordance with ICC-ES AC261

             HEAD-OF-WALL SLIDE-CLIP CONNECTOR                         SCW Anchorage Type:
                                                                       • #12-14 Self-Drilling Screws
              SCW                                                                                                  SCB/MSCB
                                                                        (as supplied)
               The SCW connectors offer 1" of upward and 1" of downward movement.   • .300 Head Drive Pins .145 Shank Dia.
               Primarily used in head-of-wall applications that require vertical movement  Powder-Actuated Fasteners
               relative to the structure. Used to strengthen window and door jambs for
               projects that utilize slip track.
               Codes:  IAPMO UES ER-238                                                                                 SCW

               ITEM         CONNECTOR MATERIAL  CONNECTOR        FINISH                                             SCREW
               CODE         THICKNESS MIL (GA.)  QTY .    QTY.
               SIM  SCW3.25-KT  54 (16)  25       Galvanized  55
               SIM  SCW5.5-KT  54 (16)  25        Galvanized  83
                                                                       Please contact a Tanner Sales Representative for allowable anchorage load tables
                                                email:        800 456-2658
                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                                 60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
                                                 800 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232  929 337-1821
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