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             RIVET HAND TOOLS                                          HYDRAULIC RIVET TOOLS

              HP-2® - MAR 39000                                         MP-3V - MAR 39045  & MP-4 - MAR 39048
              Its square shoulder fulcrum pin of cold-formed heat-treated   Professional-series air/hydraulic riveters are designed to be lightweight
              steel prevents pin rotation that can elongate the engaging   and well balanced. Both are engineered to maximize stroke and pull force
              holes and cause premature tool failure in imitation tools.   with a 3-jaw set. For added convenience, you can direct connect or use
              Other quality features include: precision die-cast, high-strength   the attached swivel. Each tool is supplied with nosepieces to set rivets in
              aluminum alloy body; drop-forged carbon steel upper handle;   all alloys, and comes complete with adjustment service wrenches,
              and thick, cushion-molded vinyl grips for comfort. The HP-2 sets   hydraulic fluid, fluid applicator, spare jaws, and a removable swivel air
              up to 3⁄16" steel rivets and comes with four mounted nosepieces   connection line with an air OFF/ ON valve built in. An adjustable vacuum
              (3⁄32", 1⁄8", 5⁄32" and 3⁄16") and a service wrench.     system control allows you to control the force of air needed to hold the
                                                                       rivet in place, or you may operate with the vacuum system turned off.
              HP-3® - MAR 39002                                        Recommended air pressure is 70-95 PSI.

              New tool offers long, ergonomically designed handles to   MP-3V - MAR 39045
              increase leverage. The tool is spring loaded to secure the rivet   Stroke: 3/4"
              in the nosepiece while the tool is in any position. The HP-3 offers   Pulling Force: 1,800 lbs.
              powerful riveting capacity with 4 standard nosepieces to set   Capacity: 3/32" – 3/16", all alloys
              3/32", 1/8" and 5/32" in all alloys and up to 3/16" in steel.
              It features a drop-forged steel handle with heat-treated aluminum
                                                                       MP-4 - MAR 39048
              body with steel insert, high quality powder coated finish, special alloy
                                                                       Stroke: 1"
              steel fulcrum pin with anti-wearing design, and durable jaws & jaw case.
                                                                       Pulling Force: 3,420 lbs.
                                                                       Capacity: 5/32" – 1/4", all alloys,
              Big Daddy® - MAR 39031                                   1/4" Monobolt® nosepiece included
              Its extra-long handles provide excellent leverage and permit
              working a foot beyond natural reach. Other features include a   302-E - MAR 39062  &  304-E - MAR 39064
              patented bearing design, self-adjusting two-piece jaws and
              single-unit body construction with a steel insert to provide   Professional tools features a one-piece molded frame and front swivel air
              stronger threads for the nosepieces included. In addition, the Big   inlet for maximum operator comfort and durability. An external vacuum
                                                                       adjustment offers convenient air flow control for rivet placement and
              Daddy features a double-gear reduction system which easily sets
                                                                       mandrel disposal. This allows the operator to install rivets in any
              from 1⁄8" to 1⁄4" diameter Klik-Fast rivets in all alloys, including
                                                                       orientation using one hand, and freeing up the other for assembly.
              1⁄4" Klik-Split® and 3⁄16" and 1⁄4" Klik-Lock™* rivets. And a
              one-piece collet case eliminates the need to adjust the tool when   Spent mandrels are conveniently collected in the bottle for disposal,
              changing rivet diameters. The Big Daddy model MAR 39031 comes with  encouraging a safer, clean work environment. Tools shipped complete
                                                                       with oil, replacement jaws, and nosepieces.
              5⁄32", 3⁄16" and 1⁄4" nosepieces which are stored in the body.
                                                                       Recommended air pressure: 85-95 psi.
              BT-2 - MAR 39080                                         302-E - MAR 39062
                                                                       Stroke: .812"
              The Marson BT-2 is ideal for applications ranging from
                                                                       Pulling Force: 2,000 lbs.
              construction, furniture assembly, lighting fixtures, signs,
                                                                       Capacity: 3/32" – 3/16" diameter in all alloys and
              trailers, and many more. Installation is more efficient with
                                                                       up to 1/4" in aluminum/steel combinations.
              the BT-2 battery-powered cordless rivet tool. It features
              reliability and performance, along with superior features
                                                                       304-E - MAR 39064
              Stroke: .83” (21mm)
                                                                       Stroke: 1"
              Pulling Force: 2,373 lbs.
                                                                       Pulling Force: 4,200 lbs.
              Capacity: 3/32" to 3/16" diameter in all alloys.
                                                                       Capacity: 3/16" to 1/4" all alloys including structural rivets
              Weight: 4.2 lbs. (with battery pack)
                                                                       Also included are 3/16" and
              Battery pack: 14.4 V / Li-ion / 1.5 Ah
                                                                       1/4" Monobolt® & Magna-lok assemblies
              Recharge time: approximately 60 minutes
                                                email:        800 456-2658
                                                 714 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn,  NY 11208    718 434-4500   Fax: 718 434-3215
                                                 60-01 55th Drive, Maspeth, NY 11378    718 786-2050   Fax: 718 228-7297
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