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                     HAND TOOLS                       LIFTING &RIGGING                  METAL FRAMING SYSTEMS

          Jobsite Storage Equipment             Hoists                                Channels
          P360-362  Chests, Hand Held Tool Boxes, Caster, Cases,  P394-396  Lever Operated, Bandit Ratchet Lever,  Hand Chain,  P422  Solid and Slotted Channels
                  Drawers Units                        Electric Chain, Trolleys, Beam Clamps
          Lifting Equipment                     Shackles
          P363    Transport Grips, Hand Hel , VacuumCups
                                                P397-401  Standard & Specialty Shackles, Materials & Finishes,  Channel Nuts & Pipe Clamps
                                                       Super Strong Anchor Shackles, Alloy Anchor, Carbon  P423  Nuts With and Without Springs, Pipe Clamps
          Tapes and Adhesives                          Anchor & Long Reach Shackles, Super Strong Chain   for Rigid Steel and Thinwall Conduit, Universal
          P364-366  Duct Tape, Aluminum Foil Tape, Vinyl Tape,   Shackles, Carbon Chain Shacles  Clamps for Rigid or Thinwall, Copper Tubing
                  Sprays, Silicone Sealers
                                                Machinery Eye Bolts
          Measuring & Layout Tools
          P367-370  Tape Rules, Laser Measuring Devices, Box Beam,   P402  Shoulder Pattern, Threaded, Special Shank Length
                  I-Beam, Torpedo, Magnetic Levels, Chalk Line                        General Fittings
                  Reels, Chalk, Mason’s Line, Carpenters Pencils,   Hoist Rings       P424-426  Flat Plate, Angle, “Z’ and “U” Shape, Wing Shape,
                  Plum Bob, Squares             P403   Heavy Duty, Specialty Engineered, Swivel  Post Bases, Brackets and Braces, Beam Clamps,
                                                                                              Special Applications, Seismic Retrofit
          Knives & Blades
          P371    Retractable, Fixed/Utility Blades Knives, Scrapers                  Pipe & Tubing Clamps
                                                P400   Eye & Eye, Jaw & Eye, Jaw & Jaw, Hook & Eye,   P427  Cush-A-Clamp , Cush-A-Grip , Unicushion ®
          Stapler/Finishing Tools                      Hook & Hook
          P372    Staplers, Tackers, Staples, Files, Putty Knives,
                  Wire Brushes                  Winch Hoists
                                                P404   Cable Ratchets - Small, Medium and Large Frame  Misc. Clamps
          Saws & Hammers                                                              P428    Clevis Hangers, Riser & Beam Clamps, Pipe Straps
          P373    Handsaws, Specialty Saws, Nailing, Framing,
                  Sledge Hammers, Mallets, Sawhorses  Chain & Slings
                                                P406-407  Herc-Alloy 800 and 1000 Chain,   Bridging Connectors
          Demolition Tools                             Adjust-A-Link Grade 100 Chain Slings  P429  Wall Stud Bridging Connectors, Curtain Wall Clips,
          P374    Engineer Hammers, Pry/Claw Bars, Chisels, Punches  Herc-Alloy 1000 Chain Slings   Head of Wall Slide Clips
          Screwdrivers                          Sling Components
          P375    Demolition Drivers, Vinyl Grip Standard & Phillips  P408-409  Master Link, Sub-Assembly, Pear Shaped Master
                  Screwdrivers, Offset, Ratcheting & Nut Driver Sets
                                                       Link, Hammerlok Coupling, EZ-Connect Master
                                                       Link & Chain Shortener
          Locking Tools/Pliers/Clamps
          P376-378  Bar/Trigger/C-Clamps, Handscrew, Torque Lock ™
                  Pliers, Locking C-Clamps & Hand Clamps, Long   Overhead Lifting Hooks
                  Nose, Linemans, Diagonal, 6in1 Combination Pliers P410-412  Clevlok Hooks -Grab, Sling, Foundry and Latchlok,
                                                       Eye Hooks -Cradle Grab, Sling, Foundry, Latchlok,
          Tool Sets                                    Rigging, Alloy “S”,  Plate, Sorting
          P380-381  Rachets, Mechanical Tool Sets
                                                Web Slings
          Wrenches/Drive Sockets                P413-414  Tuff-Edge II Polyester, Tuflex Endless Roundslings
          P382-383  Value Combination, Ratcheting Wrenches, 1/4”,
                  3/8”, 1/2”  Standard/Deep Drive Sockets,
                  Accessories, Impact Ready Sets
                                                Sling Protection
                                                P415   Edge Defender , Wear Pads
          Ratchets/Hex Bits
          P384    Pear Head Ratchets, Hex Bit Sets
                                                Wire Rope Slings
          Torque Wrenches
          P385    Ratcheting Head, Dial, Electronic  P416  Permaloc -Eye to Eye Combination
          Impact Sockets
          P386    6pt. Standard/Deep Socket, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”
                                                Wire Rope
                                                P417   6 x 19 Wire Rope, Galvanized & Steel Aircraft Cable,
          P387-388  Premium Adjustable, Open End, Combination,   Wire Rope Thimbles
                  Reversible Wrenches
                                                Rigging & Attachments
          Pliers/Wire Strippers                 P418   Wire Rope Clips, Mid-Grip Wire Rope Clips
          P389    Groove Joint, Slip Joint, Insulated Pliers,
                  Wire Strippers                Chains
                                                P419   Proof Coil, Transport Binding & High Test Chains
          Markers/Marking Paints
          P390    Markers, Inverted Marking Paints & Marking Wand
          P391    Primers, Int./Ext. Enamels, Galvanizing Compound Load Binders/Hooks
                                                P420   Ratchet/Lever Load Binders, Clevis Assembly w/
          Cutting Tools                                Import Hooks, Transport Chain Attachments/Hooks;
          P392    Snips, Bolt Cutters                  Clevis & Eye Grab Hooks, Clevis & Eye Slip Hooks
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