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                          Self-Drilling Screws - Metal Fastening                            Screws, Round Combo, Pan Phillips, Pan Combo, Flat
                          P2-13  Technical Information, Standard Drill Screws, Drill        Phillips Machine Screws, 3/8” Flat Phillips Wood Screws,
                                 Screws w/Extended Drilling Capacity, Drilit Drill          Flat Phillips Undercut Machine Screws, Flat Phillips
                                 Screws w/Bonded Sealing Washers, Wood-To-Metal             Type F Thread Cutting Screws, Flat Phillips Head
                                 Reamers, Dril-Flex Structural Drill Screws, Bi-Flex ™      Undercut Machine-Wood Screws
                                 300 Series Stainless Steel, Alumi-Flex 302 (18-8)   Bucket Of Bolts ™
                                 Stainless Steel, Architectural Roof Clip Fasteners, X   P60  Finished Hex Nuts, Hex Coupling Nuts, Hex Tap Bolts,
                                 Metal Screws, Sheathing-To-CFS Screws, Auto Feed           Hex Lag Bolts, Pan Combo Sheet Metal Screws, Round
                                 Screw Driving Systems                                      Combo, Flat Slot Machine Screws, Hex Washer Head
                          Self-Drilling Screws - Globally Sourced                           Self-Drilling Screws, USS Flat Washers, Split Lock
                          P14-23  Technical Information, Hex Washer Head, Pan Phillips      Washers, Fender Washers
                                 Head, Flat Phillips Head, Oval Phillips Head, Reamers,   Shims
                                 18.8 Stainless Steel, 410 Stainless Steel, Corrosion   P61  Horseshoe, Flat Plate, U Shims, Keyslot, Rugged
                                 Resistant Coatings                                         Construction, Stock Shims, Wedge Shims
                          Masonry Fastening System                                   Fab-Lok Fasteners
                          P24-30  UltraCon , UltraCon SS4 410 Stainless Steel,       P62    High strength fastener for blind fastening to light
                                 Crete-Flex SS4 Dual Heat-Treated 410 Stainless Steel,      gauge steel
                                 Aggre-Gator 300 Series Stainless, ConFlex ®         Blind Rivets
                                 Large Diameter, Concrete Screw Anchors
                                                                                     P63-66  Buttonhead, Large Flange, 120° Countersunk:
                          High-Performance Self-Tapping Screws                              Aluminum, Steel, Aluminum Rivet/Coated Steel
                          P31-32  Tap-Flex Thread-Forming Screws, TapFast Fasteners,        Mandrel, All Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel/Steel,
                                 Architectural Roof Clip Fasteners for Wood                 Copper/Steel, Copper/Brass
                          Deck & Wood Working Screws                                        Painted; All Steel, All Aluminum Buttonhead
                          P33    Strong Drive Structural Wood Screws                        Multi-Grip; 1/8” Diameter Buttonhead, Large Flange
                          P34-36  Globally Sourced Deck Screws, Wood Working Screws,        and Countersunk, Aluminum Rivet/Zinc & Yellow
                                 Post Frame Screws                                          Steel Mandrel, Plated Steel Rivet & Mandrel
                          Drywall & Multi-Purpose Screws                             Klik-Lock Structural Rivets
                                                                                     P67    All Steel; Buttonhead and Large Flange
                          P37    K-Lath, Framing, Coarse & Fine Drywall Screws
                                                                                            All Stainless; Buttonhead
                          Screw Driving Bits                                                                                ™
                                                                                            All Aluminum; Buttonhead & Large Flange, Q-Lok
                          P38    Hex Insert Bits, Magnetic Bit Holders, Impact Ready
                                                                                     Misc. Rivets & Tools
                                                                                     P68-69  Closed End, Tri-Bulb, Hand Tools, Hydraulic Tools
                          Hex Cap Screws
                                                                                     Rivet Nuts & Tools
                          P39-42  Grade 2, 5, 8, Coarse & Fine Threads, Plated
                                                                                     P70-73  MRN Series Flathead, MPN Series Low Profile, Poly-Rivet,
                          Bolts                                                             MLE - Large Flange Ribbed, Small Flange Knurled, MQN -
                          P43-53  Hex Head Tap Bolts, Hex Head Bolts Hot Dip Galvanized,    Quad-Leg, Hand and Hydraulic Installation Tools, Kits
                                 Hanger Bolts, Eyebolts w/Nuts, Carriage Bolts, Lag   Stainless Steel Products
                                 Bolts, Serrated Flange Screws, Threaded Rod, A325   P74-80  Hex Head Cap Screws & Tap Bolts Stainless Steel,
                                 Structural Bolts, Tension Control Bolts, Weld Studs,       Hex Cap Screws Stainless Steel, Carriage Bolts,
                                 BOXBOLT Expansion Anchors for Structural Steel,            Hex Head Lag Bolts, Threaded Rod, Rod Coupling Nuts
                                 Anchor Bolts, U Bolts                                      Nuts; Hex, Wing, Hex Macine Screw & Nylon Insert Lock
                          Washers & Nuts                                                            Washers; Flat, Fender, Medium Split Lock
                          P54-56  Flat, Fender, Machine Screw, Square Beveled Washers,      Sheet Metal Screws ; Pan Phillips & Flat Phillips
                                 Medium Split Lock Washers, Finished & Heavy Hex Nuts,      Machine Screws; Round Slotted, Pan Phillips,
                                 Serrated Flange Nuts, Kep Nuts, Machine Screw Nuts,        Flat Phillips & Flat Slotted, Undercut
                                 Acorn Cap Nuts, Cold Forged Wing Nuts, Nylon Insert   Cable & Wire Management
                                 Lock Nuts                                           P81-82  Cable & Stainless Steel Ties, Cable Mounts,
                          Screws                                                            Wire Connectors, Support Webbing
                          P57-59  Pan Phillips, Pan Combo, Flat Phillips, Hex Washer Slot   Nord-Lock®
                                 Sheet Metal Screws, Hex Washer Slot Self-Piercing
                                                                                     P83-84  Bolt Securing System

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