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            NORD-LOCK                   ®

             NORD-LOCK     ®

              Bolt Securing System                                    How to Use Nord-Lock ®
              Nord-Lock is the world’s most effective bolt             Assembly
              securing system. Based on leading wedge-locking          Nord-Lock washers are glued for ease in assembly. Install the pre-assembled
              technology, Nord-Lock safely secures bolted joints       washers in pairs, cam face to cam face over the bolt threads and tighten to
              exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. Over      proper clamp load. We recommend the use of a high quality lubricant to
              the operational life cycle, Nord-Lock wedge lock         ensure good clamp load whenever possible. The hardness of the contact
              washers give increased operational reliability and       surface must exceed the hardness of the washers.
              lower maintenance costs while significantly reducing the risks of production  Tightening
                                     stops, accidents and warranty claims.
                                                                       For optimal result, tighten the bolt at a torque
                                     Nord-Lock secures bolted joints with ten-  corresponding to the desired clamp load. Torque
                                     sion instead of friction. The system is  guidelines are available through
                                     comprised of a pair of washers that has          When tightening through holes;
                                     cams on one side and radial teeth on the         Keep the bolt secured when
                                     opposite side. Since the cam angle ‘α’ is        tightening the nut.
                                     greater than the thread pitch ‘β’, a wedge  Untightening
                                     effect is created by the cams, preventing  For the wedge-locking function to be in effect, sliding must occur between-
                                     the bolt from rotating loose.     the cam faces of the washers during untightening. A “click-effect” is felt
                                     Often joints do not start to loosen until   when the cam faces override each other. You can verify the washers are
                                     an application is in regular use, therefore  working by observing impression marks on both the contact surface and
                                                                       under the bolt head.
                                     Nord-Lock is commonly retrofitted during
                                     maintenance, repair and overhaul   Assembly Examples
                                     procedures.                       Nord-Lock washers are designed for standard and high grade faseners.
                                     Nord-Lock products are rigorously tested  Nord-Lock for  Nord-Lock washers                 Through holes require
                                     in all steps of production to verify that the  Tapped Holes  are sized for   two pairs of
                                                                                         counter-bores     Nord-Lock
                                     quality requirements are met. Each batch
                                     is assigned a control number, which
                                     ensures full traceability and confirms
                                     that the product is genuine. The control
              number is printed on the package as well as on every washer pair,
              enabling full traceability down to first assembly.
              Product benefits;
                • Maintains high clamp load which ensures the function of the joint
                • Install and remove with standard tools
                • Same temperature characteristics as standard bolt / nut
                • Reusable
                                                                       For stud-bolts Nord-Lock      Using a flange nut/bolt         Nord-Lock washers
                • The washers are hardened and can support great loads
                                                                       washers lock the nut,             together with Nord-Lock      must not be used on
                • High corrosion resistance
                                                                       and eliminate the                   “sp” washers for slotted         an unsecured flat
                • Secures fasteners at both high and low preloads
                                                                       need for adhesives.  holes or on soft material.       washer.
                                                                       Nord-Lock washers may be reused under normal circumstances. Perform a
                                                                       visual inspection to make sure the cam tops and serrations are not worn off.
                                                                       When assembling be sure the cam faces are mated correctly and that the
                                                                       contact surfaces are lubricated so that friction conditions do not change.

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