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CAP 3100403

Description: Capital Safety, Protecta Rebel 6' Self Retracting Lifeline, 1" Polyester Web, Single Leg, Steel Snap Hook, Anchorage Carabiner
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CAP 3100403

Capital Safety, Protecta Rebel 6' Self Retracting Lifeline, 1" Polyester Web, Single Leg, Steel Snap Hook, Swiveling Anchorage and Carabiner

*CAP 3100403 is replacing old part number CAP 3101456

Our Rebel personal self retracting lifelines (SRL’s) represent a major improvement in economy line SRL’s. Employers can economically replace simple lanyards with the versatility and added safety of a 6 ft. (1.8m) SRL. Rebel personal SRL’s are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and are ideal for direct connection to most harnesses. The compact and lightweight design is barely noticeable on your back and stays out of the worker’s way. In addition, tension is always kept on the lifeline, which reduces dragging, snagging and trip falls. Whether your application requires single or twin leg configurations, mounting to an overhead anchor or for connection directly to harness, there are several models to choose from to suit your application. These Rebel SRL’s lock quickly—stopping falls within inches —providing more protection at low heights.

  • Swiveling anchorage loop with carabiner
    • Limits lifeline twisting for smoother operation, triple locking carabiner with 5/8" (16mm) gate opening attaches SRL to anchor.
  • 6 ft. (1.8m) 1" (2.5cm) polyester web lifeline
    • The synthetic lifeline reduces overall weight and the retractable design provides freedom of movement, keeps the lifeline out of the worker's way and reduces dragging, snagging and trip falls.
  • Self-locking steel snap hook on lifeline
    • Automatically locks and closes for added safety, and its rugged construction is built to last.
  • Compact, lightweight design
    • Small size and shape make this device easy to use, relocate, store and can be easily used as a lanyard replacement.
  • Tough and impact resistant thermoplastic housing
    • Compact and durable housing is designed to withstand the demands of challenging jobsites, it's built to last.
  • Quick activating speed sensing brake system
    • Stops a falling worker within inches, providing more protection at low heights. Designed for smooth consistent operation allowing the user to maintain normal work pace and not be interrupted with constant lock ups.
  • High capacity external energy absorber and impact indicator
    • Specialized built-in external absorption system maintains safe fall arrest forces for users and tools up to 310 lbs. (141 kg) and provides a visual alert that the SRL has been involved in a fall.
  • Several configurations available
    • Single and twin-leg models are available to suit various applications for jobsite versatility and flexibility.