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CHA 115C-XL5

Description: Champion 15 Piece XL5 Brute Platinum Jobber Drill Set, 1/16" - 1/2" x 32nds - 1/BX
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CHA 115C-XL5

Champion Brute Platinum Jobber Drills. 15 Piece Set 1/16 Thru 1/2 x 32nds

Industrial twist drills are often confused with what are commonly referred to as "drill bits". They are not the same. Industrial twist drills are precision cutting tools, manufactured to exacting standards for the express purpose of reducing cost per hole. Champion produces high quality industrial twist drills. Brute Platinum XL5 jobber length drills have a 135� split point and are an exclusive combination of premium high speed steel and superior geometry developed in 1970 by Champion and often copied, but never duplicated.