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Description: Champion RB32 MiniBrute Magnetic Drill Press - Portable, Cutter Capacity: 1-3/8" Dia. x 2" Depth, 550 RPM, Magnetic Strength: 2,200 lbs, Weight: 28 lbs.
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Champion Cutting Tool RotoBrute RB32 MiniBrute Magnetic Drill Press-Portable

RB32 - MINIBRUTE - Renowned as the most dependable hole-making machine in its class, the RB32 is powerful, compact and light-weight. It is ideal for plant maintenance and steel erection. The RB32 features 720 Watts for cutting holes up to 1-1/4" in diameter.

Champion's RotoBrute system delivers the quickest and easiest holemaking solution for making larger diameter holes in structural steel and beams. The RotoBrute drilling system features a complete line of Magnetic Drill Presses and Annular Cutters, which are engineered to drill large diameter holes in structural steel from 7/16" to 4" diameter. At the core of the RotoBrute system is the broadest range of carbide tipped and high speed steel Annular Cutters. Champion High Speed Steel Cutters feature the exclusive Plus20 surface treatment giving cleaner cuts, positive slug ejection and long tool life.


  • Weighs only 28 lbs
  • 1-1/4" diameter Cutter Capacity
  • Built-in fluid reservoir
  • 6" vertical travel
  • Quick-Change arbor support for conversion from cutter to drill chuck
  • Reversible handles for use in restrictive operating conditions
  • Wide, high density magnet for greater stability
  • Isolating power relay for improved safety
  • Reliable Hitachi D13 motor


  • Lighter weight makes handling & transport easier and safer
  • Same capacity as machines weighing much more
  • Delivers the coolant to work place and cutter
  • Left hand use and operating in restrictive areas
  • Utilizes S&D drills up to 3/4"


  • Cut Depth 6"
  • Cutter Capacity 1-1/4"
  • Drill Capacity-3/4"
  • Height-12"
  • Length-9-1/2"
  • Motor-Speed 550 RPM
  • Weight-28 Lbs
  • Width-3-1/2"
  • 2200 lbs holding strength
  • 720 watts


  • Carry Case
  • Safety Strap
  • RB3212 1/2" drill chuck (and safety screw)
  • D-Handle
  • Cutting Fluid
  • Safety Guard
  • Chuck Key
  • Hex Keys
  • Spanner Wrenches