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Slimline XL5 Heavy Duty Drill Sets

Unique web geometry, especially useful in portable drilling of stainless steel, titanium alloys, and other hard to drill materials.Field tests have proven Brute Platinum XL5 drills penetrate faster than cobalt. Users state lower fatigue levels, since less force is required to drill. Less breakage is also reported due to its unique "toughness: hardness" ratio, enabling them to flex when cobalt drills chip or snap. Precision ground 135 degree split point eliminates the need for pilot hole drilling. Prevents "walking" and bites right into #300 and #400 series stainless steels.

Application: Steel erection, mining, heavy construction. Used in a wide range of manufacturing plants, vehicle, railway and dockyard maintenance.

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1/16" thru 1/4" x 32nds Champion Brute Platinum Slimline Drill Set 1/BX1
CHA 121C-XL5
1/16" thru 3/8" x 64ths Champion Brute Platinum Slimline Drill Set 1/BX1