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RB32 Magnetic Drill Press

The same features as the RB32 but has variable speed control and reverse. It also features an isolating power relay for improved handling safety. This machine can run twist drills at correct RPM and has optional tapping attachments.

Weighs only 28lbs, 1-3/8 Dia. Cutter Capacity. Built-in fluid reservoir. Reversible feed handle. 6 vertical travel Benefits Lighter weight makes handling and transport easier and safer. Same capacity as machines weighing much more. Delivers the coolant to work place and cutter. Left hand use and operating in restrictive areas. Utilizes S&D drills up to 3/4.

Included with every RB32 Carrying case, safety strap, RB334 3/4 arbor, RB3212 1/2 drill chuck (and safety screw), D-handle, cutting fluid, safety guard, chuck key, hex keys and spanner wrenches.

Item IDDescriptionUOM SizeQuantity
Champion RB32-VSR MiniBrute Magnetic Drill Press - Variable Speed & Reverse, Cutter Capacity: 1-3/8" Dia. x 2" Depth, 0-550 RPM, Magnetic Strenght: 2,200 lbs, Weight: 28 lbs.1