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Triggerfoam Pro Window & Door

TriggerFoam Pro is dispensed through a special gun that allows the user to control the rate of flow as well as the size of the bead for more precise placement of the product, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications. Use it to fill, seal, or insulate. It blocks drafts, stops leaks, saves energy, adheres to all types of construction materials, deadens sound, acts as a buoyancy material once cured, controls radon, helps asbestos fibers, and can be used in HVAC applications.

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POW 08134P
Powers TriggerFoam Pro Expanding Polyurethane Foam, Window & Door Formula 29 oz. - 12/Bx12
POW 08128
Powers TriggerFoam PRO Deluxe Metal Gun - 12/EA1